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did you guys realise that the story molly is telling in the dinner scene is actually a story that had been rumored about her? it was the one where she hid the money in her potbelly stove, and then her husband came home as drunk as a pig and lit the fire. remember? well this actually was a story rumored about the unsinkable molly brown. she let people continue to talk about it even though it was untrue, because she did not care what people said about her as long as they were saying something. she longed for fame and fortune. which she recieved after the historic sinking of titanic. margret tobin brown is such an extraordinary woman. you should learn more about her, it will definately fascinate you. there's a great site if your interested:

-- jen (, February 12, 1998


Actually, I've known Molly's story a long time. Mostly due to the popular "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" musical/movie. It is shown on TV a lot. It goes into her story with detail - starting off with her & her husband being poor and burning the money. At the conclusion of the film, Molly finally stops caring about impressing Denver society and realizes she has some real friends with the crown heads of Europe who are more tolerant with eccentricities.

-- Jennifer Bialek (, February 12, 1998.

That story is mentioned in "James Cameron's Titanic." It turns out, though, that this was one of Molly's famous exaggerations. First, it wasn't a fortune in the stove, it was 75 dollars; second, it was in coins, not bills.


-- Kip Henry (, February 13, 1998.

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