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The movie just premiered in Russia. Is it dubbed in Russian there? (I lived in Russia for a few years, and learned that most foreign movies there were dubbed, and apparently well.) Also, so far I understand it has been dubbed into French. Other languages? It's probably best scene in English (with subtitles), but some countries have a strong preference for dubbing.

-- Bob Gregorio (, February 12, 1998


I think most movies are better with subtitles, but I think that a movie like Titanic needs to be dubbed so that one doesn't get distracted from the visual treats that the movie offers.

-- mariana silva (, February 12, 1998.

Mariana, great visuals in the movie, but with dubbing, the different accents disappear (American, British, Irish). Remember, one reason Kate is up for best actress is the accent she learned. It is a tradeoff, when accents are important.

-- Bob (, February 12, 1998.

Bob, I don't know what the Russians will do. What I know is that in Romania "Titanic" will be subtitled (we always respect there foreign languages, except in cartoons for kids that are not able to read yet), probably the same will happen in Yogoslavia (if it plays there), Czech Republic will do it in both ways, while in Hungary it might be dubbed.

-- Dan Draghici (, February 12, 1998.

I was curious on this point, as well. Do other actors and actresses read the script, matching their lines with the movie, as it is done in cartoons?

-- Rose (, February 13, 1998.

I learned a few weeks ago that the version in Russia was in English with Russian subtitles. Rose, I don't understand your question. Please rephrase, unless you already had it answered elsewhere.

-- BobG (, May 03, 1998.

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