When is this song played?

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Who knows when they play the final song on the soundtrack in the movie? I believe it is called "Hymn to the Sea".

-- Ashley (beaner05@ix.netcom.com), February 10, 1998


That is a tough question. A lot of the songs in the soundtrack are very similar. I have no idea!

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), February 10, 1998.

Ashley: That playing of that last song perplexed me, too. It sounds a lot like the piece at the beginning of the movie when the passengers are waving and the title comes up. However, when I went to see the movie for the fourth and final time (at least until it comes out on home video), I decided it was a different version. I don't think #15 (Hymn to the Sea) was actually played full-version in the film.

-- Rose (rosemarie17@hotmail.com), February 11, 1998.

Doesn't "Hymn to the Sea" follow "My Heart Will Go On" while the credits are playing? The credits are so long (longest ever?) that if there was no music following "MHWGO" that it would total silence.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), February 11, 1998.

I could be wrong on this but at the very begining of Hym to the sea you can hear this deep bass sound about three beats before the rest of the song. In the movie I thought I heard that along with the rest of the song when Rose realizes that Jack is dead. That's the one scene that I always think I'm not going to cry on because I know what happens and every time I start up when the music starts. Maybe I'm wrong but I've seen the movie four times.... Anyone else Know for sure???

-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), February 11, 1998.

now, I've only seen the movie twice but I thought "Hymn to the Sea" does play in some way in the sequence where on deck the lady asks the Captain where she should go, he stands there frozen for a second before he goes back in where the controls are as the front goes below the water and then that area of the ship is engulfed.

Guess this calls for me to go back and see the movie again!

-- Karen Pressley (gemin555@aol.com), February 11, 1998.

I think it begins when they arrive in New York and the officer asks her name and she says "Dawson, Rose Dawson" and then it shows the Statue of Liberty. I might be wrong .A lot of the songs sound alot.

-- Sara (sarar@rnet.net), February 15, 1998.

I wasnt sure either but I payed close attention and Hymm... isnt in the movie. Kathleen- I thought it might be after Celine's song and I actually waited one time cause i was curious- but actually "Southampton" plays after that!

-- chris (angelee426@aol.com), February 24, 1998.

I have seen the movie seven times, and I finally figured that the song "Hymn to the Sea" is played at the start of the movie, when all we see is the ocean, and then the words TITANIC. Then again, I'm only human, so I could be wrong. This movie is so good!!!!! It is the first movie that ever made me cry (all seven times!!!!!!).

-- Amanda (AMANDA@prodigy.net), May 22, 1998.

Hi, I recently watched the film and was curious about this too! Even though my post is over 7 years after your post, I hope you can still help.

Basically, after listening to the song in the film, it is "Hymn to the Sea" but in the film it has a deep bass sound and on the song i downloaded it had no bass sound and then was followed by bagpipes.

Does anyone know if there were 2 versions of the song and if Celine Dion was the artist like it says on a few record shop websites.

Thanx in advance for any help on this!!!


-- Stuart (spurdue@blueyonder.co.uk), July 14, 2004.

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