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Following on the message about the forthcoming issue of Rolling Stone with Kate Winslet on the cover, it would be great to know about all the various magazines with major "Titanic" coverage!! I don't want to miss anything.

Here's what I'm aware of so far: COVER STORIES >> Entertainment Weekly, November 7, 1997 (Titanic) >> American Cinematographer, December 1997 (Titanic) >> Vanity Fair, January 1998 (Leonardo DiCaprio) >> People, January 26, 1998 (Leonardo DiCaprio) >> Wired, February 1998 (James Cameron) >> Entertainment Weekly, February 6, 1998 (Leonardo DiCaprio) >> Movieline, March 1998 (Kate Winslet) >> Rolling Stone, March 5, 1998 (Kate Winslet)

FEATURE ARTICLES >> Premiere, December 1997 ("Magnificent Obsession," 11pgs.) >> Time, December 8, 1997 ("Trying to Stay Afloat," 3 pgs., plus review and James Cameron true-false guide) >> Movieline, December/January 1998 ("Fantastic Voyage," 8pgs.) >> Entertainment Weekly, January 23, 1998 ("Deep Thoughts: Titanic is making waves...," 4pgs.)

I've also picked up issues of The Hollywood Reporter and Variety just to get the full page advertisements that mention Golden Globe nominations and winners. There are bound to be many of these ads for the "Titanic" nominations as we get closer to the voting deadline.

Can you add to this list? Anything I've overlooked? or anything new that you are aware of? Thanks.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 10, 1998


Kathleen: Rest assured, I don't think you could have possibly missed ANYTHING. :) Thank you for the list, though, because I had missed quite a few of them.

-- Rose (, February 11, 1998.

Kathleen: I was at another website and I found a whole list of "Titanic" articles.

'Titanic' raises the stakes of the spectacular - The New Yorker(12/97)

Special effects live up to hype in 'Titanic - The Sun Times(12/7/97)

Titanic Man Overboard - Entertainment Weekly (11/7/97)

Titanic (review) - The Hollywood Reporter (11/4/97)

Titanic director relieved after Tokyo premiere - Reuters (11/4/97)

Titanic, Costliest Film Ever, Finally Sets Sail Reuters/Variety(11/3/97)

Titanic steams ahead at Tokyo fest - USA TODAY (11/3/97)

Cameron Way - Premiere (10/97)

One More Long Hurdle for "Titanic" - Los Angeles Times (5/29/97)

Titanic Is a Tough Shoot; What Else is New? - Letter from James Cameron - Los Angeles Times (5/5/97)

Titanic's Cameron Wins Kudos and Epic Support - Los Angeles Times(4/26/97)

Epic-Size Troubles on Titanic - Los Angeles Times(4/19/97)

-- Rose (, February 11, 1998.

Here's another one: Rough Waters- Newsweek (12/15/97) It's on pg. 64 to 68!

-- Amanda Lo (, February 11, 1998.

Rose: Thanks for the list of newspaper and magazine articles and wire service items. I've got a few of those, but will try to track down the others.

Amanda: Thanks for reminding me about the Newsweek article. I missed that one, but have a photocopy.

If anyone learns of any forthcoming "Titanic" cover stories or major feature articles, please post so that the rest of us can look for it. Thanks!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 11, 1998.

I picked up three more magazines today that contain "Titanic" articles:

People, February 23, 2pg article "Women of the Titanic;"

Film Comment, Jan-Feb 1998, 3 pg article "Songe de Titanic" with sidebar "Titanic Movies Recycled;" and

Sight and Sound, February 1998, 4 pg article "Massive Attack" plus a separate movie review.

Don't forget to check out next week's issues of Variety and The Hollywood Reporter for advertisements touting the Oscar nominations!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, February 12, 1998.

Kathleen and all, see Newsweek Feb. 23 '98. ("Our Titanic Love Affair", 6 pages!)

-- Bob Gregorio (, February 20, 1998.

The Newsweek article is very good, overall.

One tidbit from the article that really made me chuckle was the one about how in some French towns the total admissions for 'Titanic' excedes the local population. This means that many French movie goers are seeing the film over and over. This JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN, at least usually.

French intellectuals, as a rule, are very nationalistic about their culture, and they particularly seem to hate importations of American culture (with the weird exception of Jerry Lewis movies). I wonder how these intellectuals are taking all this Titanic mania from their own people. `(:-)

C'e Bon! Full speed ahead!

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, February 20, 1998.

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