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I think he deserves a nomination. What do you think?

-- Rose (, February 10, 1998


Unfortuanately, there are still many more lead roles available for men than there are for women. Leo did a great job, of course, but there is a lot of competition for best lead actor and somebody inevitably gets left out. But if Titanic gets nominated for best movie, I think the two lead roles have a lot to do with that and that should be represented in the best actor and actress awards.

-- mariana silva (, February 10, 1998.

I was disappointed that he didn't get a nomination. I enjoyed the movie "Good Will Hunting" but didn't think it was in the same league as "Titanic". I was surprised that Matt Damon was nominated and Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't. Try picturing him in Leo's role in the Titanic. Would it have been as good? I don't know. I think Leo should have been nominated, but he's so popular right now that maybe that worked against him.

-- PK (, February 10, 1998.

Leo is "teen hearthrob, therefor can't act." He will always be dogged by this prejudice by the Academy, and overlooked. At least until he's older, in his late 20's maybe.

-- Dave Phillips (, February 11, 1998.

Maybe not an Oscar . . . but definitely a nomination.

-- Rose (, February 11, 1998.

I couldn't believe that he didn't get a nomination!!! That SUCKS!!! TItanic would not have been what it is without either him or Kate!! I do have to agree with the earlier comment about his popularity working against him. There are a few reasons that I don't care for the of the biggest is that they are predjudice to certain actors/films and they don't try to hide it either! I mean look at Steven Speilburg..all those wonderfull movies and he's only gotten ONE oscar!!! I HATE THAT!!!!!!

-- Miranda Swearingen (, February 11, 1998.

I'm dissapointed that Leo wasn't nominated. I do think he deserved it, but after reflecting about the possible "why's", I think I understand. I loved the character of Jack, and Leo portrayed him with absolute perfection, yet "Jack" didn't go through the type of character development that Kate did. The movie began with him as a strong, intelligent, artistic, happy go lucky, passionate, and upstanding guy, and ended the same way. The character of Kate, however, really goes through a sort of metamorphisis. There are many scenes where Kate is facing adversity, like when she's trying to get someone to help her save Jack who is handcuffed down below and the water is rising and rising, when Cal attacks her after the third class party, when she finally stands up to Cal and spits in his face, when she jumps back onto the ship from the lifeboat, when she decides to live and blow the whistle, etc., etc. If you think about it, there really aren't any scenes where the character of Jack really grows or changes. It doesn't make me love his character any less, in fact, I think it's much better that he was so strong throughout. I don't think it would have worked otherwise. I don't necessarily agree with this reasoning for not giving someone a nomination, but I think I somewhat understand it.

-- Jen Alexander (, February 11, 1998.

I agree with all your earlier comments. I think it stinks that he didn't at least get a nomination. But I also think that it's his popularity that works against him (so unfair!) I've even seen news programs talk about how the "teen heart throb" is what is bringing the return audience back to see Titanic. (They just can't seem to get it in their heads that it's the STORY that brings people back) So unfortunately Leo being labeled as a "teen heart throb", or "hunk of the month" really hurt his chance of getting that much deserved Oscar nomination.

And that's where also the other competition comes in. There's a lot of deserving gentlemen onboard this year for Oscars, and it's just unfortunate that a really terrific character like Jack (uncomplicated, free-sprited, and an open-book) cannot be recognized as a Oscar award winning performance. The Academy really like to strut it's power come Oscar time, they LOVE to show people WHO'S in CHARGE, and it's not the average movie-goer. I'll have my fingers crossed, and hope that Titanic brings Oscars for all category nominations! It will be yet another record to break!!!!

-- Caron (, February 12, 1998.

If anybody wants to get an Oscar or nomination, the easy way is to portray the type with some kind of disorder or at least abnormal in some way, or in other word, disabled physically or mentally. For instance, "my left foot", "silence of lamb", "rain man", and now" as good as it gets", this list can go on and on. A normal, nice guy would never win no matter how well his act is.

-- april cheng (, February 14, 1998.

I, too think that he deserves a nomination. Anyways, I was thinking about it, and the Golden Globes gave the movie a slight dig when nobody won. I didn't think about it at the time, but the fact is, nobody (character/people-wise) has won any awards. Do you think this signifies that the "judges" are saying that the movie was best only because of it's scale and epic merit? And that it doesn't matter who was playing the roles, it still was best because of these qualities? This is a way out there opinion, but it is possible. Any opinions?

-- natalie (, February 14, 1998.

This is what I found on MrShowbiz

Wednesday, March 25, 1998 9:36 AM Where's Leo? As expected, Leonardo DiCaprio was a no-show at the Oscars, but the Titanic star wasn't moping around Monday night. The New York Daily News reports that the hotter-than-hot actor was actually having a blast in Manhattan, eating sushi and clubbing with three friends. The paper says that Leo, sporting baggy jeans, a knit cap, and a black eye, waited in line for thirty minutes to get into a popular sushi place, burning off excess energy by kick-boxing with his pals. But an employee at a restaurant across the street recognized the star and invited him to their Oscar party. Leo politely refused: "No, man, thanks," he allegedly said. "Not gonna go." After downing "tons and tons of sushi," Leo and his pals headed out and partied into the wee hours at Moomba restaurant.

-- JoeyAngel (, March 27, 1998.

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