What do the Drivers and MUNI employees think?

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One group who has not been heard from is the MUNI drivers and employees. They of all people must have a pretty good idea of the problems and perhaps some good ideas about what to do about them. Here is a place for comments. Leave a message anonymously if you fear retribution.

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), February 10, 1998


I am on rescue muni's e-mail list...feel free to email privately or post on rescue muni's list

-- Robert Parks (rparks@activa.net), May 03, 1998.

I RETIRED FOM MUNI ONE YEAR AGO,AND IKNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK.IT IS VERY EASY FOR THE PUBLIC TO CRITISIZE THE OPERATORS. THE ONLY MUNI EXISTS AT ALL IS DUE TO THE EFFORT THAT THE MALIGNED OPERATORS PUT FORTH. i openly challenge any of you that find it so easy to make light of the african air force to accompany an operator for one day. then perhaps you wi8ll change your your subtle bigoted/racist attitude! Any takers? Talk is cheap ,but it takes money to bu7y whiskey. You can contact me any time that is convenient to you .and we can debate the issues until the cows come home!

-- SAM PRESCOTT (PREZ01@WEBTV.NET), June 12, 1998.

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