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Last week, several of the radio stations in Seattle were playing Celine Dion's single but two of the stations had it with different dialogues. How can this be? One began with them getting out to the carriage until Cal says it's "unsinkable" and then the song begins. Another version had the dialogue begin after the song had started. Does anyone know how many versions of this single are out there and will they be in the stores shortly for purchase? Now I see from others on this forum that "Southampton" is also coming out with dialogue. Is this in addition to the Dion song or is one on the back of the other?

Guess if you get one, it bides the listener over until either they get tired of seeing the movie and the time when the video comes out. I've only seen the movie twice so far and have my name in for the behind-the-scenes hardcover paperback so I kind of feel a little behind alot of people.

The FOX special has also been advertised as being shown here on February 13th at 8pm.

-- Karen Pressley (, February 09, 1998


Response to singles w/dialogue

The remixes were done by various radio stations. They can put anything they want in it. The Southampton single will be released by Sony.

-- Rose (, February 09, 1998.

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