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Does anyone know anything about the yard and interchange (w/C of G, Bay Line, and HS) operations in Dothan, Al in the late ACL/early SCL era? I have several Waycross Div. Timetables, but they do not detail yard ops. Thanks, John The Bay Line:

-- John Taylor (, February 09, 1998


Not sure how much it has changed since the ACL days but for the past 20 years it has stayed fairly constant. CSX interchange with the Bayline is done at the "Bayline transfer". It is a small 3 track interchange yard east of the CSX yard. CSX leaves cars here during the day and the Bayline switch engine gets them in the evening. The Bayline local from Panama City arrives late at night, around midnight, and cars going from the Bayline to the CSX are placed in this yard for CSX to get the next morning. Interchange with the NS and H&S are done in the NS yard. The CSX switch engine brings the NS and H&S cars to the NS yard via the Bayline transfer. Cars going from the NS and H&S to CSX are picked up at the NS yard.

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, November 09, 2000.

Contact Vernon Richardson for Dothan info.

-- Joseph Oates (, March 13, 1998.

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