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I saw a Titanic CD-rom computer game in a software store--have any of you played it? Is it worth the $50? Thanks!

-- Laura (lrc@usit.net), February 08, 1998


Response to Titanic CD-rom computer game

Laura: If it's call TITANIC: Adventure out of Time, I HAD it. We had some problems with it and have returned it to cyberflix for replacement disks, because what little I could play of it, it was terrific, but my husband looked up their(cyberflix) website and they seem to be having all kinds of problems with their games running on some peoples computer. If you get a set of disks that run, it is a fantastic game!

It's kind of a mystery, you're a British secret agent assigned to go on the Titanic and search for something and you meet people along the way, and get to discover all kinds of clues.

Good luck!

-- Caron (bianchi@iserv.net), February 08, 1998.

Response to Titanic CD-rom computer game

I have the game and I also had problems when I went from a Packard Bell computer with a 2x cd-rom drive to a Gateway with a 12x cd-rom drive last year. I contacted the company and they said the problem was that the cd's were slightly "eliptical" which only showed up on faster cd-rom drives. They sent me replacement cd's immediately and they work fine. The company was very helpful, not even requiring that I return the old cd's which I still have. It's a great game and really tests your deductive reasoning. Great graphics also but you must have a higher speed processor or it can really be annoying and will sometimes lock up on a lower speed processor and using the minimum amount of memory required. It also helps a great deal to have a knowlege of the layout of the ship and the timeline in which things happened. By the way, not to give any hints away, but you will also run into the renault in this game!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), February 08, 1998.

Response to Titanic CD-rom computer game

I have that game. It's a really good game but I can't say that I really should have spent the $50 on it. It has nothing to do with the movie obviously. you're a British agent on the Titanic trying to find one or more items so that you can change history. I've had fun playing it over and over since it has seven different endings and my friend was playing it once and she wen places that I never even went to. yes, it's a great game with good graphics, a tour of the ship ect. If you like games that are first person like Myst, and Riven then you'll probably like this game. hope that helps some.


-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), February 08, 1998.

Response to Titanic CD-rom computer game

Miranda: No it really doesn't follow the movie, but you might have run in to some things that are very similar in the game. One that stands out is the minister (pastor, priest, whatever) in the movie is very similar to the one in the game. He even looks like the guy and the lines he has are really very close to the game. Check it out!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), February 08, 1998.

My sister and I have that game (we got it for free as our uncle works for a computer magazine). We loved it! We became totally obsessed with it: ignored our homework and our friends for several weeks. It's a little spooky - it really starts to feel like you're on the Titanic - but if you can deal with that I say go for it.

-- Nonie Maus (please@dont.email.me), February 11, 1998.

I have had the game for several weeks, and yes it does have some glitches that I have ironed out I think. There are 2 disks which need changing frequently which gets a little annoying, BUT it's worth it. The game is great, very suspenseful as you have things to accomplish and then survive the sinking. I was SO tense! There are also tours of the ship, separate to the game, and you can download others from the Cyberflix website. I recommend the game, but you need patience to put up with the glitches. The graphics are excellent.

-- Lianne (liannegraham@one.net.au), February 12, 1998.

Hi, I would like to know where I can buy this cd-rom. If anyone here could let me know. I love Titanic, and I want the computer Game

-- (ariannebown@hotmail.com), February 10, 2003.



anyone know where I can get replacemnet discs? Cyberflix's website is deleted. My CD-ROM of the game is scratched and it won't show the Bomb Puzzle.

-- Ethan (ethan@afwireless.com), July 28, 2004.

its worth it the only thing i dont like is that when your at the end of the game and it shows the ship sinking the sinking scenes dont match up with the game scene, for instance i was on deck talking to georgia and the game went into a scene showing the first funnel falling but when it went back to me controling the person the funnel was still there or when it showed the water crashing through the staircase like 30 seconds later i walk into the same staircase. the ship been at the same angle like the whole time.

-- Enriquelio (octavyean18@yahoo.com), August 06, 2004.

I love the game but I get a little obsessed with it. Two hours will pass before you know it.

-- Susan Swinney, Front office (susanswinney@aol.com), October 04, 2004.

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