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Well, La De Da De Da De had some very nice punch, but it did not go over as well as "La La La Hey Hey" or "Boom Boom Boom." I was also disgusted that the lame Philadelphia radio stations did not even bother playing the song. OHB needs some more exposure and they need to have a chance!! But radio obviously plays only what sells, which is a total joke. But the question is now, what is next? Will the OHB have something new out soon? Is there really a new album on the way? We have already seen the new single, but I have not seen anything new for the last few months. See my E-mail address above, and if anybody knows any new information or any songs coming out by the OHB, please let me know. It's time for another party song (probably with one of the words in the title being used more than once)!!!

-- Tom Wilkins (Perseua911@aol.com), February 08, 1998

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