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I recently bought the Titanic cd, but the Irish music was not on it. I was very disappointed. (Although I do not believe that it would have flowed with the music on the cd.) The lower deck party scene was ONE of my favorite scenes. Does anyone know of a cd this music is on or can someone recommend a good cd with this type of music on it? I'd appreciate it!

-- Deneen Hicks (, February 07, 1998


Response to Irish Music

They are coming out with a second soundtrack and the Irish music will be on there.

-- sara (, February 07, 1998.

Found a website dedicated to Gaelic Storm!

-- crystal smithwick (, February 13, 1998.

For everyone who enjoys the music of GAELIC STORM,you may also want to give a listen to CHERISH THE LADIES.They are an all woman Celtic band on the Green Linnet label,and they are excellent.NIGHTNOISE is another good band of this genre.The Heart's of Space label also has some good Celtic music,in particular the compolation series CELTIC TWILIGHT I-IV.

-- danny (, March 04, 1998.

I found a short audio clip of the IRISH MUSIC from the steerage scene at I guess that will do it till they release the 2nd soundtrack!

-- rachel (, March 11, 1998.

It's me again ! Just want to le u know that there is no dot after the html right address -

-- rachel (, March 11, 1998.

I completely agree with D. Hicks about the Irish music. Still looking for a Gaelic Storm recording. Anyone find one yet? J

-- jennifer rodin lenzo (, April 13, 1998.


This is the mandolin/guitar player from Gaelic Storm check out our web site we'll keep you updated on our new cd release (should be mid July)


Gaelic Storm's CD is due in stores by the end of July!!!! I got the following message from the Gaelic Storm mailing list.

I am soooo excited!

Crystal S.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To all those awaiting the Gaelic Storm c.d. we apologize for the delay but have good news! Our cd will be available in your local record store, and have word from the record company the street date is July 28th! We will also be playing this Saturday, 9 pm, May 16th at Club Caprice, in Redondo Beach. This was a one-time mailing to everyone who has sent us mail or signed our website guestbook. You will be removed from this list unless you specifically sign up at Some of you have already signed up, so you don't need to again. Notice we have two lists, a general announcements list and a Souther California specific list. As we start playing more places around the world, we'll add regional mailing lists like that one so you will know when we play in your area!

Gaelic Storm - Traditional Irish Music with Thunder and Lightning! To subscribe, please send email to with a message that says "Subscribe gaelicstorm-announce"

-- Crystal Smithwick (, July 01, 1998.

The Gaelic Storm CD entitled "Gaelic Storm" is in the stores. Over the weekend, I bought it at my local Borders Books & Music. The very first song is the one Jack and Rose danced to where they each took a turn doing "footwork." Truly an enjoyable album!!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, August 10, 1998.

The Gaelic Storm CD is out and it is solid, foot stomping music. I think the first song on the recording is the one they played in steerage when Jack and Rose danced on the table. I leave it to those who have seen the movie more times than I to identify anything else.

There's a web site.


-- crystal smithwick (, August 12, 1998.

You want more Irish Music here you go: You find out about these on the net and where you can buy the music - Altan, Luansa, Donal Lunny, Christy Moore, Kila, Eileen Ivers, Solas, Moving Hearts (disbanded but still excellent) Capercallie (scottish but excellent) The Coors (popish with and Irish flavour)

need I go on Andy Irvine, Paul Brady,

If you want more email me.

The big E

-- e. byrne (, January 31, 2003.

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-- boy boy (, October 23, 2003.

Dear Pat ,Steve and Steve W.,as I'm sure you want your music to live on forever like the Cheiftains .I think your work is grand.I'm from Pittsburgh and haven't miss a show yet , down the Rex theater and the Irish festivals.Ellery is very good and isn't bad on the eyes either.Yins have signed all 5 C.D.s to my daughter Kelly who I lost to a accident, because she was a really big fan also. I can't thank you enough and what they mean to me.I would love to have your music on sheet music so I can play it to my grandkids so it would live on forever.I shook hands with Pat it was nice, he really makes us laugh and she really enjoyed him .Steve I'd love to be able to play guitar like you but I do my best.My brothers play in a Irish band called The Rivermen.Please think over the sheet music, because your arraingment should live on forever,Respectfully Mark [loughlin] Kichta THANKS

-- mark [loughlin] kichta (, September 28, 2004.

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