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We have a bronze bull gear in an old Armor Machine that has two pits in the ring gear. Does anyone know if the pits can be filled in place? You can feel a small bump in the ride and I would like to take care of it but the boss won't pay for a new gear and neither will the customer.Any ideas?

-- john kinnings (, February 06, 1998


sorry to here that

-- mememememem (, February 13, 1998.

If the boss will not pay, it's not in the contract. If the customer will not pay, then he's a tight twat. If the pits are not a safety concern, then leave it if the customer is happy. But if it's a safety concern then turn it off, pull the fuse's and take them home.......And don't let it be you that ends up in court.

-- (, March 09, 2001.

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