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On February 14 at 9:00 Eastern time, the cable channel A&E is airing their three hour documentary on the Titanic called Death of a Dream. This is the edited version, as opposed to the original four hours, but it is definitely worth checking out. In my opinion, it's the best documentary out there about the Titanic. It uses pictures, paintings, voice-over actors, and interviews with actual survivors and historians to tell the story.

-- Annie (titanic16@hotmail.com), February 06, 1998


Response to A&E Titanic Documentary - A Must See!

Ahh, this has already been posted. I need to learn to read the board first. Sorry!

-- Annie (titanic16@hotmail.com), February 06, 1998.

hi my name is Tessa and I,m from the Netherlands, and I,m looking fot a making of titanic clip or documentary and I,ve been looking for ages now but still with no luck. Can you please help me and send it to me or tell me were i can find it

thank you in advance Much love Tessa!!!

-- Tessa Tollenaer (rainbow_winegum@hotmail.com), October 01, 2004.

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