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What is the best technique to clean the frosted side of a ground glass? I'm talking about when blowing the dirt off doesn't work. Can you wash them under hot water and soap and rinse off really well. Or should you rinse with alcohol.

-- Mark Schumann (, February 06, 1998


After removing the ground glass from the frame, soapy water can be used to clean it. If there is a fresnel lens sandwiched with the ground glass, separate them first. The fresnel can also be cleaned with soapy water, although you need to be careful. The acrylic that it's made from scratches very easily. When you reassemble, ensure that the fresnel is on the correct side of the ground glass

-- Ted Brownlee (, February 06, 1998.

I find that good ol' Windex (or a weak solution of PLAIN ammonia & water) works fine, evaporating without a trace.

-- Peter Hughes (, February 09, 1998.

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