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Due to my relative lack of writing experience, I'm wondering whether it would be better for me to sign up for Fiction 401 or to practice what I've learned so far for a while? So far, I've learned a tremendous amount, and enjoyed doing it. However, it seems that almost everyone else has been writing all their lives, and I've just started. I wouldn't want to get bogged down. Anybody who has read what I've written got any honest opinion?

Bob G.

-- Bob Gourlay (gourlay, February 06, 1998


Bob, You shouldn't have any problem with 401. The class is more demanding than 98. From what I've seen of your work you can tell a good story. I loved the ending to your cowboy tale. If you're not comfortable with things yet, you can take any of my classes as many times as you want. It's good practice and doing so will give you a strong foundation.

-- Bob Hembree (, February 06, 1998.

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