B/W Prints from TMax 400CN

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Has anyone one here printed on B/W paper w/ T400CN yet? I am wondering how the orange base affects contrast. Thanks!

-- Steve Canaan (bonkers@itis.com), February 03, 1998


I have been using it for some time, printing on both Polymax RC and Ilford Multigrade IV. Don't notice any effect, get pretty much whatever contrast I want using Ilford MG filters.

-- Mike Leitheiser (flyh2o@worldnet.att.net), February 07, 1998.

I've had the same experience using Polymax RC paper and Polymax filters.

-- Kip Babington (cbabing3@swbell.net), February 09, 1998.

Tmax 400CN

It is well known that Ilford XP2 requires higher contrast filtration than regular black and white film and I imagine that Tmax 400CN will be the same.

-- Andy Laycock (aglay@interchange.ubc.ca), February 13, 1998.

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