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does anyone have a formula for 1. edward westons amidol developer 2.pmk developer they are both paper developers. if you have a web sight with formulas that would be helpful also. thanks

-- jerry (, February 03, 1998


Response to developer formula wanted

Ed Weston's Amidol Deveoloper is as follows: 1140ml water, 37.5 grams of Sodium sulfite, 10.5 grams of Amidol, 7ml of 10% Potassium bromide and an optional ingredient of 60ml of 10% Benzotriazole. PMK is a film developer and not a paper developer so I don't know if you need the formula for that.

-- Jeff White (, February 06, 1998.

Developer Formulae

Get Steve Anchell's indespensible book, The Darkroom Cookbook.

-- Michael D Fraser (, February 26, 1998.

Formulary Westons Amidol

Jerry the following is the formularys Weston amidol formula:

Distilled water 600ml Sodium sulfite 29g Potassium bromide 10% solution 60ml citric acid 5%solution 50ml

To make the 10% solutions: 10g potassium bromide to 100ml of water To make 5% solution: 5g of citric acid to 100ml of water

Add 9g of amidol when ready to use.

-- Richard (, December 14, 2002.

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