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OK, gang!

A & E Television (cable) is rerunning a slightly edited version of its award-winning documentary, "Titanic: Death of a Dream." The date is Saturday, 2/14/98 starting at 9:00 PM US ET (presumably it'll be carried in Canada as well as the US).

This is a three-hour edited version of the original four hour production. It features a number of photographs, voiceover passenger accounts, and interviews with Titanic survivors Ruth Becker, Eva Hart, Millvina Dean, Edith Brown, and Michel Navratil, as well as Titanic historians Walter Lord, Don Lynch, Ken Marschall, Wyn Wade, George Behe, and many, many others.

Also, A & E is selling the complete four hour documentary (with additional interviews with Robert Ballard, George Tulloch (of RMS Titanic, Inc.) and others) for $39.95 US. The URL is

This is by far the best television documentary on the Titanic ever produced. If you haven't seen it, make a date to watch it, and don' forget to fire up your VCR!


-- Kip Henry (, February 03, 1998


Response to VCR Alert!!!

Thanks a lot, Kip. I'll watch it and tape it!

-- Dan Draghici (, February 04, 1998.

Response to VCR Alert!!!

Thanks for the information.

VCRs swung out and ready!

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, February 04, 1998.

_Entertainment Tonight_, Wednesday, 1998 March 04th:
there will be more scenes that were not in the final cut.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, March 04, 1998.

A&E/ARTS cable network is reshowing the 2 documentaries, "Death of a Dream" and "The Legend Lives On" back to back on MARCH 8th!! You might want to check your local tv schedule for the exact times but they are scheduled to begin here on the west coast at 5pm and again later that night at midnight!!!

-- Karen Pressley (, March 04, 1998.

The 1998-03-04 ET segment was scenes 222 and the first half of 223, and "was never before broadcast" (although I'm sure that we've all seen it!).

It is the scene where lifeboat 2 is being lowered, with Rose; she decides to jump back on board.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, March 04, 1998.

I saw that tonight, and I think we all got conned. If the scene shown on ET was ***not*** in the film, the shot that ***was*** in the film is so similar to this one that they're indistinguishable.

This sounds like a Paramount publicity stunt (Paramount ***owns*** Entertainment Tonight ***and*** is the North American distributor for Cameron's Titanic). Phooey! If they're 'gonna show cut scenes, show a ***real*** cut scene, not a retake!


-- Kip Henry (, March 04, 1998.

From the Titanic Pictures, News, and Links site:

March 7--10:00 am VH1-Hollywood&vinyl reairs special on Titanic movie music

March 8--- On A&E Sunday night there will be two Titanic documentaries. At 8pm is Titanic: Death of a Dream. At

10pm is Titanic: The Legend Lives On. Both are two hours long.

March 10-- Gloria Stuart will be on Jay Leno on Tuesday night at 11:35.

March 11 & 12-- On E! there will be a special entitled "Titanic" Mania Special. It airs on Wednesday night from 9-10pm. It will also be replayed on Thursday at 11am.

March 23--Academy Awards

March 24 -- 8:00 on Fox, re-air of special "Titanic :Breaking New Ground"

March 24--10:00 on History channel, Movies in Time Special: Titanic. James Cameron, director of "Titanic," discusses the problems involved when recreating history on film; Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Zane explain preparation for their roles; and historians John P. Eaton, Charles Haas, Professor Steven Biel, and Professor Brent Toplin, all authors of books on the subject, join in a lively discussion. [TV G]

Not sure how valid all of this is, but it could be useful....



-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (, March 05, 1998.

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