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The morning after Rose and Jack dance, Cal knocks over the table in a fit of anger. After Cal exits, Rose gets on the floor and the maid enters. During this time, Rose is holding a rose with a broken stem. Undoubtedly, broken by Cal during this confrontation with Rose. The broken rose stem symbolizes the fact that the relationship between Rose and Cal is irretrievably broken. Later, when Rose enters the back seat of the car, she notices a small vase with a blossoming rose. This, I believe, symbolizes her newfound and blossoming love for Jack. Has anyone else noticed this obvious symbolism? If so, has anyone noticed any other scenes where a rose plays such a symbolic role?

-- WEP (, February 02, 1998


Check the 'Rose, as a symbol' thread.

-- Dan Draghici (, February 03, 1998.

The flower Rose is holding is not a rose but actually a carnation. But I get your meaning.

-- Donna Sadoway (, February 19, 1998.

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