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Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb.3, the SPACE TV Channel will show a documentary on the making of the movie. It will start at 8:30pm ET and it is very promissing. There will be interviews with Cameron, Leo and Kate, and much more. Don't miss it!

-- Dan Draghici (, February 02, 1998


It is about quarter after 6:00 PM, Vancouver local time (Pacific Time).

I've just seen the half-hour "Making of Titanic": it is by Ed W. Marsh, produced for 20th Century Fox and Paramount. It is the "making of" the film, by the makers... I believe that it aired on HBO in the States.

Subjectively, it seemed like a one-hour long special. Some *great* sequences, including scenes cut from the release version; also of great professional interest, since I picked up details about movie production.


-- Thomas M. Terashima (, February 03, 1998.

That's the Space channel up in Canada... 5:30 PM, Pacific Time.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, February 02, 1998.

I forgot to say that the SPACE Channel is Canadian own, though a mirror of the Sci-Fi US Channel (I guess). For all US residents, check with your TV guide. It might not be shown in the US, only in Canada. Let me know. If that happens, I'll try to post here some reviews after the show is over.

-- Dan Draghici (, February 02, 1998.

Thanks Thomas, you're perfectly right. Will it be shown in the US, too? It would be nice...

-- Dan Draghici (, February 02, 1998.

From past experience with "Making of..." shows on Space: The Imagination Station (part of the CHUM/City media empire led by Moses Znaimer), it's probably an "E!" (for entertainment) program from the USA.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, February 02, 1998.

AHH! Help! I'm unfortunately not in Canada, so I'm not sure if I can get this show, I have a USSB dish and I didn't see it on the schedule. If anyone sees this before the show is suppossed to start, PLEASE email me!!! Thanks!

-- Cara (, February 03, 1998.

Okay, there weren't *that* many new scenes...maybe a sum total of 5 seconds or so.

There *was* much footage shot on video tape for the documentary, which gave an "on the spot" feel that was spooky: it really felt like Titanic was sinking.

The shots of the 90% scale set that made it look like a humungous set were pretty cool, too.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, February 04, 1998.

I taped the entire stuff and then tried to write down the comments made by James, Kate, Leo, Bill and some others. I included them on my website for anyone who did not have the chance to watch the show. You can go and read this stuff at

I might have minor mistakes, although I tried to be as accurate as I could.

-- Dan Draghici (, February 04, 1998.

Hi, You mean to tell me that you have the making of the Titanic on tape? Please say you do? I have be desperately seeking the making of the Titanic and James Cameron's Directors cut of the movie. If you do have this would you be so kind as to send me a copy. Please Email me back Thank you,

Hopefully yours,

Jodi Jackson

-- Jodi Jackson (, February 24, 1998.

plzzzzz if any one can get me the making of titanic on VHS or DVD i
would like to buy it of them thanx

-- Ice (, January 21, 2004.

the price on the movie was incredable

-- mandy rosa (, January 27, 2005.

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