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The first three assignments could be printed which I found helpful in completing the assignment. However, I have noticed that Assignment 4 and now Assignment 5 cannot be printed. It isn't my computer, it prints any and everything. I would like to be able to pring mine. Is there any reason you have that prevents us from getting a print-out of the assignment, particularly #5?

-- Clarice Smith (, February 02, 1998


Hi Clarice, You should be able to print any page on this site. Try clicking your mouse somewhere on the frame you want to print (not on a link), then select "print frame" from your browser's file menu. That should do the trick, but if for some reason it doesn't, then highlight the area you want and copy it with Ctrl C on your keyboard ... then you can paste it onto NotePad, WordPad, Word or whatever Windows program you write with using Ctrl V If you have a Mac, it should be something similar. Good luck, Bob

-- Bob Hembree (, February 02, 1998.

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