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I just typed in my keyboard shortcut to SSS on AOL, and received the prompt that SSS had moved. Well, we all wondered how fast the janitor would come around and empty the archives and turn off the lights. Now we know.

I sincerely hope that we can all reconvene in a similar, like-minded, like-spirited forum in the very near future. Until then, you may post away here.

Lynn Fuston

-- Lynn Fuston (, February 02, 1998


Oh baby, it went fast! Kind of like the Titanic. Turn around and it's here, turn around and it's gone. I occassionally wondered if the welcome screen would just start crumbling, and parts of it gradually disappearing. Or if it would be like the Digidesign site, where they left the lights on, but there's nobody around but a bunch of junior high kids who think it's cool to be left in charge. The Digi site has hung on for months now after they said it would be gone. So I was surprised to find the prompt saying "In order to better serve you...." Now that's a crock. It should have said "In order to better serve all our clients OTHER THAN you...." Oh well, here we are. It was fun while it lasted at the old homestead.

So pull up a folding chair, add another twig on the fire. It's bring your own marshmallows and we'll camp out under the stars, whilst we wait for the contractors to finish the plumbing. Good night all.

-- Lynn Fuston (, February 03, 1998.

I managed to snag almost everything. If I missed one, it was by accident. I would love it if someone, who had the time, would go back and put each folder all together in one long thread. It would be much easier to handle that way. I understand the reason it is like it is, but it makes it hard to follow when you're dealing with 23 text files. Believe me, I know. I spent hours looking for French Fries.

-- Lynn Fuston (, February 03, 1998.

:it also crossed my mind if this is just the latest AOL ploy to further distance themselves from SSS. I sincerely hope I'm wrong - I really don't think even AOL would stoop that low.

It's definitely not an AOL thing, because I have seen the same thing using Netscape through Mindspring, my ISP.

-- Lynn Fuston (, February 03, 1998.


Testing, 1,2,3. Why is everything in italics all of a sudden?

We'll get to the bottom of this.

-- Lynn Fuston (, February 03, 1998.

Hey guys and gals. I just found out the best kept secret on AOL. No, it's not Porn-Line or any chat room. Ever get one of those "Join us for Special Rates for AOL members on Long-Distance calling. How Does 9 cents a minute sound?" billboards? Those are the worst because they keep coming back around and you have to click on it 4 times to get it to finally go away. Here's what you should know. Type in Keyword: Marketing Preferences. From here, you can eliminate special email offers, pop-up billboards, set telephone preferences, and mailing preferences. I did it this morning and I feel better already. It's like having a sore tooth removed. So do it now, don't delay.

-- Lynn Fuston (, February 03, 1998.

I also just found SSS has been shut down. My gut feels like the day my grandmother died. It's very sad, but it's good to know that SSS will be back in a new and better way.

-- Bert Stevens (, February 02, 1998.

I'm thrilled to be in this halfway house! Thanks again Lynn for pulling it together.

We seem to have lost We Are As1 in the last few weeks...anybody onow his whereabouts?

-- Doug Robinson (, February 02, 1998.

I'm just checking in to see who is hanging around. Just for kicks I tried the Infinite Music page & it wouldn't load. It appears as though it may be down to be worked on. I'm hoping for the best!

-- Harold Fay (, February 02, 1998.

Just adding my name to the list of SSS refugees that will be hanging out here and wondering how to get a password for infinitemusic. I got a few of the SSS archives before D-Day - I hope that among all of us, we got it all. We could also use this space for archive trading a la "I'll give you my Micky Mantle for 1/17/97 digital tape recording!" :-)

-- Jay (, February 03, 1998.

<< I'm just checking in to see who is hanging around. Just for kicks I tried the Infinite Music page & it wouldn't load. It appears as though it may be down to be worked on. I'm hoping for the best! >>

I also tried this a few minutes ago just to see if any progress had been made. The site asked me for a password. Now while I'm guessing that the site is just down because Craig is working on it or something to that effect, it also crossed my mind if this is just the latest AOL ploy to further distance themselves from SSS. I sincerely hope I'm wrong - I really don't think even AOL would stoop that low.

-- (, February 03, 1998.

:I got a few of the SSS archives before D-Day - I hope that among all of us, we got it all. We could also use this space for archive trading.

I got almost everything. I spent all of last night downloading in the hotel room in LA after NAMM, but things were really slow because I was using my PowerBook (named "Mir") and trying to pack. Bummer, dude! I didn't get the Hard Disk Recording/DAWs, Music for Video/MM, Songwriting, and Vintage gear. If anyone saved these, please let me know so I can add them to my ZIP disk with AOL archives.

-- Craig Anderton (, February 03, 1998.

Just saw the 'SSS has moved' thingy... just wanted to say I'm happy I found all you guys here...! I feel like I'm having a near-death experience... 'and you were there, and Toto was there, too...'

very strange! :) spooky

-- Omar Cuellar (, February 03, 1998.

7:35 A.M. on Tuesday, got the "In Order To Better Serve You" joke screen, but I didn't laugh....I pointed my browser at Infinite Music, which I've had bookmarked for several weeeks now, checking periodically. I got an "Access Denied" message. This is a message that usually pops up when AOL has blocked access to certain sites. If this is true, I shall be seriously honked off, and those of us who remain on AOL should start a loud and long screaming campaign. I remain on AOL because my account is free in excange for volunteering in the Music and Sound Forum. However, this could change everything.

BTW...Craig. I know I have some of the archived folders you mentioned, and have almost all of the current Digital Tape/DAW stuff. I'll look around and double check. I've been archiving the folders of particular interest to me.

-- Tom Armbruster (, February 03, 1998.

Hi Guys,

Nice to see that someone is dedicated to keeping the SSS crew together. I was an SSS lurker, but a dedicated one. As a relative beginner in the world of recording, I never felt that I could contribute much to SSS, but it's amazing how fast one can develop opinions about equipment and stumble upon techniques...even in a short period of time. I feel that the best way to produce good mixes is to be honest with yourself and heed what your ears tell you. I know that seems obvious enough, but it's easy to let things slide--if you feel like the bass track is muddying the mix, fix it!

Thanks to 3D Audio & Craig,

-Michele Hobbs

-- Michele Hobbs (, February 03, 1998.

Methadone. The Patch. 12 step programs. Luckily I never had the need for any of these, but Lynn- Your site sure helps the withdrawals.

-- Keith (, February 03, 1998.

I was thinking that the SSS site would hang around a little while longer, sorta like the folder that kept going far beyond the 450-post limit. But I should have known better. It's good to see you all here. I'm almost reminded of an experience a while back in which quite a lot of us driving on one of the interstates through Indiana were caught in a sudden snowstorm and had to hole up in a nearby hotel. This sorta feels the same way in a sense!

The InfiniteMusic site is still being assembled, so we must have a bit of patience. I saw Craig several times at the NAMM show, and he seemed to be in pretty good spirits, although he also seemed insanely busy, going from one meeting to the next.

-- Ken/Eleven Shadows (, February 04, 1998.

This is so cool. Here we are in the homeless shelter, thanks Lynn for the soup and blankets!! I just want to say that Lynn and all the people participating here epitomize the "can do" spirit of SSS. Ken mentioned that I seemed in pretty good spirits at NAMM -- well, I have my ups and downs like anyone else, and lately there have been a few too many downs for my taste. But I always knew that no matter what, I could go to SSS and hang with a bunch of very cool people. And we still have that here, and that is a major up. Lynn, thank you **very** much. Gues I'll have to let you master my next CD . Assuming, of course, that you can stand listening to dance music for hours on end...

-- Craig Anderton (, February 04, 1998.

Cool to see you hangin' out here, Craig! Well, it looks and feels a little different, but this temporary website is purty comfortable nevertheless! The same cool people. Hopefully, with the new website, we'll pick up a few stragglers!

-- Ken/Eleven Shadows (, February 06, 1998.

I for one liked the "In order to better serve our valued customers" blurb on aohell. I knew something was amiss, so I went and got my sunglasses from John Carpenter's "They Live" (the one with Roddy Piper). I was right, all of the buttons said stuff like "Conform", "No Free Thinking", and "AOL SUCKS M4M CHAT".

What a nightmare. I kept my aol account out of some necessity, but it's nice to see the fallout shelter start to take shape.

"our valued customers" my ass....

judson f. snell

-- the artist formerly known as ai3000jfs (, February 06, 1998.

Leave it to the pros.

AOL's disinterest in, and termination of SSS will prove to be a positive thing. Unencumbered by AOL's message limits, TOS editing (although I hope civility will prevail) and members only policy, SSS can now reach more people than ever. we can do whatever we want! I feel like a kid who's finally been given a chance to stay home without a baby sitter. Marshmallows and Karo Syrup for dinner, anyone?


-- Joe Egan (, February 07, 1998.


Just wanted to drop a quick "thank you" for enabling us to continue..

I too have tried logging on to the new SSS, and strangely, I get a different "error code" everyday, denying me access. I'm sure it's because it's under construction, and one of these days we'll all be together again (sniff)... Seriously..what you have offered here is extremely cool...just wanted to say thanks for providing this homeless shelter for all of us SSS junkies...


-- Donny (, February 08, 1998.

Donny said:

>>Seriously..what you have offered here is extremely cool...just wanted to say thanks for providing this homeless shelter for all of us SSS junkies...<<

But has just filled my mailbox with this:

>>This webb sight blows... Bring back the old SSS!!!<<

It's always interesting how many different interpretations there can be, when two people look at exactly the same thing. And thanks, Donny, for the thanks. It came at a good time, right after the nasty post.


-- Lynn Fuston (, February 08, 1998.

I just figured out another thing. The threading seems to work fine, with the most recent posts at the bottom. All but mine, unfortunately. It seems as the administrator, it puts my post chronologically at the top of the thread. While everyone else's posts are just listed chronologically, from oldest at the top to most recent at the bottom. So the threads may seem to make sense, except for my comments, which may seem to preminiscient. Oh well, it ain't perfect, but it beats going off cold turkey. I haven't heard recently from Craig, but will post when I do. It's nice to stay in touch.

See ya.


-- Lynn Fuston (, February 08, 1998.

Just out of curiosity, I want to see if it recognizes me as the administrator when I post from my other email address. We'll see if we can outsmart this software yet. Sorry to fill your mailboxes with the experimentation.

Testing. 1.2.4. (Guess what? It worked!!)


-- Lynn Fuston (, February 08, 1998.


Hey hey hey! If anyone's talking crap on Lynn for giving us a place to chill while we get the REAL sss started... "this website sucks"... okay, well thanks for letting us all crash on yours then, pally!

I'm the last one to dish out the "smile on your brother" sentiments, but I'm impressed deeply when people offer their time and efforts for nothing more than a few thank yous.



-- the artist formerly known as ai3000jfs (, February 08, 1998.

Just when you think the AOL vultures have finished with you they have the nerve to take another bite. Check this out, it was on the abc news page of AOL today, 2/9/98:

America Online will raise its monthly access fees by 10 percent to $21.95, saying it needs to spend more to upgrade its network. The increase will become effective in the April billing cycle.

-- Harold (, February 09, 1998.

I will say one thing for them though. When they raise the knife to stab you, you can see it coming from miles (or months) away. They've never been ones to try and pull a sneaky fast one. I mean, come on, if they were trying to be shady about it, would they put it on the "News Highlights" section, the page where they single out the 6 top stories of the day? At least they're straight up. Now, if they'll just keep the BYO-ISPers (Bring Your Own Internet Service Provider-like me) at $9.95/month, I'll be happy.

Lynn Fuston

-- the artist formerly known as Lynn (, February 09, 1998.

Oh Man! I was really hoping to groove on SSS for at least a couple of hours. It has always been a site of great insight and community. Lots of my email buddys have been turned on to the site over the last year and all have thought that it was a "real site for sore eyes". As for myself, I found that the intelligence and creative visions that were shared on SSS often kept me going in my own creative trip especially when I was totally bummed-out on the b.s. factors. But what a long strange journey it has been and the future can only become brighter after the "AOL EXPERIENCE"! Craig and Lynn, best of luck and we are all pulling for y'all.

-- Rich Stenson (, February 09, 1998.

I enjoyed stopping by the A.R.T. q&a on Craig Anderton's SSS. Got some good information there. Hope to find it again sometime...

-- Jim Barton (, February 10, 1998.

>America Online will raise its monthly access fees by 10 percent to $21.95, saying it needs to spend more to upgrade its network.<

Get this. I heard it on Public Radio this morning. AOL's 4th Quarter earnings were $572,000,000. Yep, 572 MILLION in the fourth quarter. That's why they need you all to dig a little deeper in your own pockets so they buy some new modems. Let me see, do the math. Two dollars extra per month from 11 million subscribers, that's an extra $22 million each month. How many modems can you buy for that?


-- Lynn Fuston (, February 10, 1998.

It's good to see that SSS isn't dead. As a beginning soundman, I found clicking through the folders in SSS to be a lot of fun and very informative as well. And encouraging! A big thanks to Craig for creating the forum and a another big thanks to Lynn for giving it a place to hang-out!

The good news is that now I don't have to stick with AOL when they raise their prices just to enjoy SSS!

Thanks :-)

-- John Price (, February 11, 1998.

Thought you might find the following interesting...

AOL Raises Rates; Subscriber Reaction Mixed

Associate Press (Feb. 11)

American Online, which claims over 10 million subscribers, announced today it was raising rates by $2 a month on their unlimited access plan. According to CEO Steven Case, "Recently, we eliminated several of the smaller, less trafficked sites. Unfortunately, we found that many of AOL's subscribers used the service solely for accessing these sites. When the subscribers went to other providers, we lost a huge amount of revenue, and need to charge the extra $2 to make up for the loss."

The fate of one such site, Sound, Studio, and Stage (or "SSS," as it was known to subscribers), is typical of the situation with many former sites. An active SSS member, Lynn Fuston, set up a "temporary homeless" shelter that is officially approved by Craig Anderson, the creator of SSS. There Fuston dispenses blankets and soup while SSSers continue to discuss a variety of topics. When asked about returning to AOL, Anderson for some reason started mumbling about the weather, and about something "freezing over."

However, Case and President Bob Pittman remain optimistic. "We are allocating part of the extra $2 a month to advertising designed to entice back disenchanted subscribers," noted Case. "We believe that many of them will come back to the service, at least for e-mail, Internet access, and of course the Pamela Anderson's Favorite Synthesizer chat room." *********************************** JUST KIDDING FOLKS!! Have some soup, crawl under a blanket, and snuggle up to your loved one this Valentine's day! --Craig

-- Craig Anderton (, February 13, 1998.

< Associate Press (Feb. 11) >>

Posted as only a "true" editor could.

But we all know about these "when hell freezes over" promises.

Pretty entertaining.

-- (, February 13, 1998.

Hi, Just happened to see Craigs article in Peavy's Monitor was top notch. I remember buying one of Craigs books over ten years ago (probably 15) gave it away to a young guitar player and the kid is now an Electrician. Must have sunk in, wish it would have sunk in more with me....maybe I'll buy the book again. Think if Craig was my Electronics teacher I wouldn't have spent so much time sleeping during Ohms Law-a-thons...after school my first job was at an electronics firm selling electronic parts no less. Went to printing company next....hated the work but pay was good became pressman been there 29 yrs...just recently became helio operator doing digital imaging on copper cylinders and for the first time like my job. Just wanted to let craig know that I've seen his work for a long time and it's always been good.

-- Bob M. (, February 13, 1998.

I'll just add my voice to the chorus that's saying thank you to Lynn for keeping this site giong until we all get to our new digs. It's nice to check in and see how everyone's doing.

John Bartus Radio Active Productions 1-888-93-RADIO

-- John Bartus (, February 14, 1998.

Thank you Lynn for giving us this temporary home. I just wanted to check-in to the shelter to reserve a "blankie". Your willingness to give your time and effort to keep the group together is MUCH appreciated and touching. I am glad we are all here together. I will keep checking here to see what's new on the progress of the site.

-- Asli Walker (, February 18, 1998.

Thanks For that tid-bit on AOL Marketing Preferences, I went and shut down the whole thing, and I feel better too. Maybe you should bottle and market it. You could call it Take a Load Off. Anyway I also found out another cool thing at Keyword "Keywords" on AOL. All are listed.

-- Kenny Lipowski (, February 21, 1998.

There's an update on the progress at's%20SSS%20temp%20page.html

if you are interested.


-- Lynn Fuston (, February 25, 1998.

I find that I read the posts from this board in my mailbox and have something to say, but it takes some time to come over here and respond. So sometimes I don't. It lacks the spontaneity of the AOL boards. Does anyone else feel the same way? I know there are a few opinionated people out there.


-- Lynn Fuston (, March 05, 1998.

Hi, Lynn--

I never did the e-mail thing, just got used to the button clicking routine here. I have been very spontaneous in my responses lately!


-- Dioug Robinson (, March 06, 1998.

Well the free Bulletin Board ads on AOL just disappeared. They are going to keep knocking out the underpinnings that made AOL a success, until there's nothing left. Sad, but true.


-- Lynn Fuston (, April 28, 1998.

I decided today that I'm outta here. I'll be joining you all from a different provider next month. There's nothing left to hang around for.


-- John Chiara (, April 29, 1998.

"Well the free Bulletin Board ads on AOL just disappeared. They are going to keep knocking out the underpinnings that made AOL a success, until there's nothing left. Sad, but true. Lynn"

I can't figure out why, after Digidesign abandoned their AOL site in January that it is still up and running, although the thing is a ship without a rudder. mutiny, hostility and lack of serious input abound.

Anyway, I have stayed with Aol only because I have family all over the U.S. and they all have Aol too. We frequently chat in together in a private room, and this helps to keep us connected.

My question is : does anyone have any experience with Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?

I would love to dump Aol and go with a local ISP. Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Robert.

-- Robert Frank (, April 29, 1998.

May has come and gone and we still havn't seen the birth of SSS Jr. Could we be experiencing a new phenomenen called "Vaporspace". I really miss the SSS family, as we all knew it, and hope for a quick return of all. Craig, keep us posted on your progress with the Infinite Music site. Hope to hear from you soon!

-- Harold Fay (, May 30, 1998.

god! how long has it been now? sss was such a part of my daily life and now it seems like so long ago. where is everyone hanging out these days?


-- bob keelan (, June 24, 1998.

I've been here. I don't post as much as i used to. Partley becasue I don't have many things to ask, but the main reason is that people haven't been asking questions. Most of the things I need answers to I turn to books for. Like finding out room modes and alginment and stuff (I needed a refresher, it 's been a while. Thanks Scott). That and opinions on new mics and stuff (anybody get a chance to try the new Audix D4?). I've been around r.a.p. a few times in the last month or so. But I got a full time job (finally) and i got my own studio together (finally) so 've been busy with that.

-- Jay Kahrs (, June 24, 1998.

>>where is everyone hanging out these days? <<

I can't answer for anyone else, but I've been hinging in the studio a LOT. That's why my time is limited for browsing and answering and asking questions.

BTW, Craig Anderton and I are supposed to get together this weekend when he's here in Nashville and catch up. (Actually, it'll be the first time we've met face-to-face.) I hope to know more about the future SSS after that. I'll keep you all posted.

-Lynn Fuston

-- Lynn Fuston (, June 25, 1998.

Thursday today, and hopefully I will be meeting Craig tonight. He'll be giving a clinic at Washington Music Center. Hopefully, I'll get to chat with him about the SSS future. And Infinity music.

Might I have the scoop before Lynn?!?! Whoo hoo! I'd feel so honored!


-- Andrew Mazzocchi (, June 25, 1998.

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