What happenned to Lovejoy? {scene 272}

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What happened to Lovejoy, the character played by David Warner ? I would have expected to see him on the Carpathia with Hockly if he had survived. I thought he may have met his fate in that scene where the Titanic splits in two , but it was too dark for me to be sure.

-- Ron Scheinhaus (rss@ibm.net), February 01, 1998


Response to What happenned to Lovejoy ?

According to the script, that man was Lovejoy. So he died in one of the worst possible ways. He received what he deserved.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@ccs.carleton.ca), February 01, 1998.

Response to What happenned to Lovejoy ?

He died when the ship splited. His face was bloody and it was an ugly scene.

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), February 01, 1998.

Response to What happenned to Lovejoy ?

I watched that scene closely after reading the script. You see Lovejoy standing there, and his head is bloody from a fight he had with Jack that was eventually taken out of the final cut. Anyway, as the ship splits, he's right on the edge of the gap. If you watch closely you'll see that he does hold on right near the edge as the stern falls back into the water. Then the scene cuts to the people under the screws getting crushed and you never see what really happened to Lovejoy. However, the script says he fell into the gap when the ship split. I would presume, since this was Cameron's vision, that even if we didn't see it in the final cut that this was what was intended to happen. Cool, huh?

-- Dave Phillips (Sonitus@USA.net), February 02, 1998.

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