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At the dinner scene, Jack tosses what I think are matches to Cal, which Cal later tosses back. Other than to catch Cal off guard in such a supposedly refined place (for having been rude to Jack), was there significance to this?

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 31, 1998


I don't know, Bob. It's probably one of those events when a guy tells the other: "Your call now". I believe it shows powerful emotions concentrated into a moral/situational fight between two strong characters. Matches are related to fire, as used to start a fire. Men usually offer a light to women, as a symbol of being in control and in power. By giving up the matches, one might deliver the message of being powerful w/o any need of formal recognition. Any psychologist willing to take on this? Bob, thanks for your nice input in MrShowbiz and here. I liked your comments.

-- Dan Draghici (, January 31, 1998.

Remember that Jack said to take life as it comes. I think that the match throwing means you have to be prepared for circumstances.

-- Colleen (, January 31, 1998.

It was Molly who dressed Jack up in her sons(?) best suit and escorted him and Rose to the table. She said something about him passing as one of the 'newly rich'. It was Rose's mother who made sure all the guests knew that Jack was infact a '3rd class' passenger. I think that the throwing of the matches was Jack's way of letting them know that he didn't think much of the 'Protocol' associated with the the rich. He loves his life, he lives by his own rules and he's happy with his lot and he dosen't give a toss what anyone else may think.

-- Peter Edmead (, February 01, 1998.

I think the matches were a symbol of control. At that point, Jack was talking and completely in the spotlight at the table. Throwing Cal the matches for everyone to see was a sighn of Cal losing control. It also signifies something in the triangle betweem Rose, Jack and Cal. Jack saved Rose's life, therefore, he had control over the sitiation by having what Rose needs, which, at the time was a hand to hold onto to keep her from falling. He took control of Cal by having what he needed at the time, which was a match. Later, Cal attempts to get back in control by throwing the matches back, which said "You are no longer needed... by me OR Rose." But from that piont on Jack still has control. He still has what Rose needs, which is someone to free her. Cal can't regain that control, but still tries to take it which is seen when he tries to take back control over Rose by scaring her (losing it the next morning by knocking over the table and getting right in her face). However, rose continues to rebel and slip out of his grasp, and weather he likes it or not, no matter what he does, Jack has complete control over Cal as well.

-- Bethany (, February 08, 2002.

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