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My site consists of inventory that is unique and generally only one available. I would like to add a NEW and/or SOLD gif to my listings to keep my customers informed. I have attempted using:
in the description area, but the tag is not working correctly. Can anyone suggest!

-- Andrew Cook (, January 30, 1998


That would be pretty trivial to do. Sounds like a good opportunity to learn a little Perl, or if you don't have the time, contrct someoen to make this minor change for you.

-- Barry Robison (, March 07, 1998.


You can add a "new.gif" to your "demo.db" file the way it describes to add images. If your item is still listed after the time frame you decide then to just change the "new.gif" or delete it and change or delete it in the "demo.db" file to take it out of the new category.

Then in your category list you can add a "'NEW','NEW ITEMS'" that is in your "smart.cfg" file.

Then back in the "demo.db" file add a second group listing.


At the end of the line "$group,$group2" the first group make the group you have the item in the second group2 make the group "NEW" then when someone does a search it will be listed either way. Example: "|itemcategory,NEW|".

If you want to add "SOLD" just change the "demo.db" file. If your going to go through the trouble of changing to sold why not just delete the item.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 08, 1999.

You were on the right track. I have done this very successfully and you DON'T need to know anything about Perl as long as the script is running. basically your problem is that you image tag has a relative link. To quickly fix, make it a full url to the image. That way it will come in no matter what.

see for an example. Infact, go into the "Guys" section and choose Aloha Shirts and you will see what I mean. I put front, back, or label buttons that link to more images -- ALL IN THE DESCRIPTION.

I have gone one step further at where when you choose a Design, the Item ID is actully an image and a link to a PhotoTips page. All I did was put the link and image tags in the hidden form object! Works like magic!

John Webber

-- John "S-Mart Smack Down" Webber (, May 19, 2000.

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