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I have more than 6 groups that I want to list in my store. I list them in the CFG file, but only six of the ten show up on both the cart script and on the admin script. Can someone help me extend it so that I can use all of my groups?

-- Anthony Landreneau (, January 30, 1998


Hi, You should be able to enter in as many groups as you want. I did a store with 27 groups. In the .cfg file make sure you have all of the syntax correct in the line that you enter the groups. If you have one screwed up it probably won't show anymore beyond the messed up one. ex:('group1 name', 'How you want group1 displayed', 'group2 name', 'how you want group2 displayed', etc) good luck, Marc Burnell

-- Marc Burnell (, February 02, 1998.

You may want to check the select input field in your links to the script. You can have lots of categories in your .cfg file, but if your select field only lists 6, then you will only be able to select from those 6. The select input field is in your HTML file, not in the script or the .cfg file.

Bob Orr

-- Bob Orr (, February 02, 1998.

Thanks guys!! Thanks for all the help. Got it figured out, it was all in the syntax. When the script requires commas you give it commas! (c:

-- Anthony Landreneau (, February 03, 1998.

I had the same problem initially when I set up our online mall. What the documentation doesn't tell you is that the 'groups' array is an associative array; therefore it consists of key,value pairs not just the values. Of course I was an idiot not to figure that out in the first place...after all, that's why perl uses % and @ to differentiate the different types of arrays.

-- jon gale (, April 17, 1998.

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