tatoos {What's that on Kate's arm?}

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correctme if im wrong but i think i saw a tatoo on rose's left arm am i right ? did tattoos even exist? please answear me!cause my sis says im illusinating

-- karla perez (kurtcobainluver_98@yahoo.com), January 29, 1998


Response to tatoos

Check out the answers below under "The Tattoo." Apparently, the "tattoo" is actually an errant piece of lace.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), January 29, 1998.

It's just a matter of pouring off one's hand into the delusion of the devil as it is a form of minionic delicacies. . .pls....answer me right away kate.

-- erlowayne larase (erlowaynelarase@yahoo.com), January 15, 2002.

We've been through this... it's only a piece of friggin' lace! xox

-- Ashley Flood... again (ringofire01@hotmail.com), May 02, 2003.

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