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I was just trying to gauge other people's viewing habits, I've seen it seven times. How many have you seen it?

-- chris (, January 29, 1998


I've seen it twice, but plan to see it again this Saturday night.

-- Caron (, January 29, 1998.

I've seen it 4 and 1/2 times. See, my friends and I went to see An American Werewolf In Paris, but it was really boring so I snuck into the next theatre and watched it until the iceberg sank. Pretty sad, huh?

-- Natalie (, January 29, 1998.

I have seen TITANIC, 3 times AND I'm still planning to see it at least twice more. TITANIC RULES!

-- ariel chavez (, January 29, 1998.

I have seen it 4 times and plan to see it tomorrow.

-- Ashley (, January 29, 1998.

Three times, planning on fourth.

-- Dan Draghici (, January 29, 1998.

I saw it for the fourth time two days ago and planning to see the fifth time this week-end. (If I can get the tickets!)

-- Colleen (, January 30, 1998.

Colleen: Are you still finding that the theater's are packed, even after 6 weeks out? I'll have to remember to get there early this Saturday night.

-- Caron (, January 30, 1998.

I've seen it three times, and am planning to go again tomorrow. I've had to stand in line all three times, even though I've been going an hour before the movie starts.

-- Bobby (, January 30, 1998.

ok, first and foremost i am not a teenager, i'm a professional career individual in Economics (the world of financial markets) and i saw TITANIC 6 times. 5 times with different people and 1 time by myself, just to experience the feeling 'alone' without a date or friends. but going alone was more emotional.

-- M.M. (, January 30, 1998.

I've seen it six times and will probably see it more.I can't get enough of this movie!!

-- Stacy (, February 01, 1998.

I saw it today for the 6th time. The more I see it, the more I cry.

-- Sara (, February 01, 1998.

I have seen the movie six times. I would have seen it more, but I am having problems finding people who will go again. I saw it for the first time by myself, but it was so emotional, it don't think I can do that again.

-- Misty Chacon(Mystified) (, February 01, 1998.

I have seen the movie 3 times, but I have a personal goal to go 6 or 7 times. I love the movie and I agree, seeing it alone is more emtional.

-- Laura Pliner (, February 04, 1998.

i have seen it 4 times, but if i had the time I would see it everyday... I know that sounds strange but it just does something to me... :)

-- kelly (, February 04, 1998.

I've seen the movie twice, each time with very different demographical audiences. Who you see it with really makes a difference, don't you think?

-- Jennifer Reynolds (, February 04, 1998.

well ive seen it 11 times: but all with different people

-- karla perez (, February 05, 1998.

"I have seen Titanic 5 times and I really wanna see it again.But my mom said that this time I have to pay for it myself."

-- Danielle (, February 06, 1998.

I've seen it 11 times. Plan on going as many more times as I can before it leaves the big screen.

-- Jodi (, February 19, 1998.

9 times- and I plan to see it a alot more times!

-- chris (, February 25, 1998.

I've seen it 11 times and my kids ages 9,7, & 6 have seen it four times. I used to want to see it several times a week but now once a week seems to suffice.

-- Jennifer Ewing (, March 19, 1998.

I have seen the movie 4 times and each time I cry harder. It is an obsession.

-- jame h20 (Chachos, March 21, 1998.

I've taken my wife Ida to see the film three times and she has seen the film an additional four times with friends. My wife, of course, has become a total "Titanofile".

-- Mark S. Keener (, March 23, 1998.

I've seen it with different people 4 times, and loved it everytime. My parents haven't been to see a movie in 20 years, but they went to see Titanic and loved it!!

-- Lianne (, March 23, 1998.

I have seen TITANIC 4 times. I would like to go again but my husband thinks I am nuts. I saw it once by myself and it was definately more emotional alone. I would prefer to see it alone.

-- Courtney (, April 02, 1998.

I'm not sure but is this the record?

Australian film fan goes overboard for Titanic

ADELAIDE, April 8 (Reuters) - An Australian woman has gone overboard for Titanic, the Hollywood blockbuster on the world's most famous ship disaster, sitting through the film more than one hundred times. An Adelaide cinema manager said the middle-aged woman, who did not want her identity revealed, had sunk more than A$1,000 (US$660) into Titanic tickets and was still coming back for more of the disaster epic. ``She has apparently seen Evita more than one hundred times and she intends to see (Titanic) 150 times,'' Greater Union's Marian Megaplex assistant director Pia Vogrin told Reuters. ``She just really enjoys the film..'' Evita, another Hollywood blockbuster featuring pop star Madonna, was based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about Argentina's late first lady Eva Peron. Vogrin said the woman was an avid movie-goer who was fascinated by the history of the Titanic, a British liner which hit an iceberg and sank with the loss of 1,523 lives on its maiden voyage in 1912. On weekends the woman sat through up to three sessions a day of the film, which runs for three hours and 45 minutes. The film won a record-equalling 11 Oscars including that for best picture. ``She spends more time here than we do,'' Vogrin said. ^REUTERS@

-- Lianne (, April 08, 1998.

Lianne, that article is really sad and distressing. Seeing the film 2, 3 or even 10 times is one thing. I've seen the movie 9 times and feel somewhat guilty about wasting time. But sitting through it 150 times indicates a serious emotional problem. And, having seen Evita 100 times, this Australian woman seems to show a pattern of this excessive withdrawal from reality. The article seems to make light of her situation. I hope this poor woman gets psychiatric help.

-- Dan Dalton (, April 12, 1998.

Dan, guess you fell for that concoction of mine, heh heh (the article above). It was a publicity stunt, to get more people into the theater. I'm an agent for 20th Century Fox. And if you believe that, I've got an unsinkable ship to show you.

-- Bob Gregorio (, April 18, 1998.

I have seen it too many times to keep count.

-- Stacey (, May 01, 1998.

I have seen Titanic 10 times and I plan on seeing it agian this weekend. It's the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!

-- Misty Lemonds (, May 04, 1998.

I have seen "Titanic" 10 times.

-- Julia Hausberg (, October 29, 1998.

15 times in the theatres....2 times on video (one viewing of each version...the widescreen is definitely better).

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, October 29, 1998.

8 times in the theaters, once on the regular video format and once on the widescreen format. That rounds up to 10 views. So far...

-- Dan Draghici (, October 30, 1998.

As of now, I have seen it 11 times in theaters, twice on the regular version and 2 1/2 times on the wide screen version, for a grand total of 15 1/2 times.

-- Misty Chacon (, October 30, 1998.

Titanic is the best filmIi have ever seen and I've watched it nearly every night since when it came out on video which would be about 30 times or some thing I don't know I''m no maths expert. Someone beat that!

-- Lisa Simpson (, January 13, 1999.

hi im ankit i saw titanic film 15 to 20 times because i like it very much i had a dream joining that i will never forget that film it is my favorate film and will be my favorate ankit

-- ankit tannna (, January 02, 2003.

16 times

-- Mia Rose (, January 23, 2003.

ive seen it about 13 times

-- samantha (, November 10, 2003.

Millions its th best!!!!

-- Anna (, August 21, 2004.

Seven times at the cinema 213 on video - I need to get out more!

-- Jo Duggan (, December 22, 2004.

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