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I know that I am not the only one who for several reasons cannot participate in the chats. My server has been experiencing constant and annoying line drops. I couldn't download MIRC, so I tried the Flicker Room. I met another member of the class, but we were quite alone there.

Since you first suggested that you could make a transcript available of the chats, I was wondering if you could go ahead and do that in some way. I feel as though I am missing out on the opportunity to take full advantage of your wonderful course. Thank you. Annie

-- Ann Ham (, January 29, 1998


I don't know of any way to log the java chats. You might be able to get someone in your study group to copy and paste from the chat window to Notepad. Unfortunately, the IRC/Java chat server is not very reliable during our chat times. The Flicker Room is only useful for a few people ... it is very awkward and out of sync for larger groups. What we are using is the best we have without getting everyone to download and setup new software: many aren't willing to load new programs on their systems. The only true cross-platform communication we have is with the bulletin boards. I've set up a board just for questions about the assignments and writing. So far, only one question and answer has been posted. I would like to encourage everyone to use it more. It's less confusing than a chat, and the answers will usually be better because there is time to think about them before posting. Most of the time, on a chat, by the time I finish typing the answer, everybody's forgotten the question. :-)

-- Bob Hembree (, January 29, 1998.

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