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1. After submitting a "follow-up" in a study group the cgi takes you to the older domain name. That means that all links are old and do not show the proper "visited" status.

2. At the top of a study group page is a link to take you "back t-zero writers complex home." The link should be to the fiction98 comm-center.

3. On this page, the new help desk it says: Message (full question) enter in textarea below, then press submit

Shouldn't there be a space between "text" and "area?" Peace, Caryn Roberts (Dream Team)

-- Caryn Roberts (Dream Team) (, January 28, 1998


Thanks, Caryn. We have a lot of changes to make because of the new domain name (even though everything is really in the same place). At the same time we make the changes, in light of one of your earlier concerns, there will be a frameless and java-free version of the site. This should help those who have problems with Java or are using older systems. In computer code "textarea" is used. In proper English, there would be a space or a hypen between the two words. Since this program was written by a computer programer, who probably writes more code than English, we must forgive him. It will be interesting to watch how computers and the internet change our language over the next few years: textarea, online, email, download, upload, :), :(, etc. :-) Bob

-- Bob Hembree (, January 28, 1998.

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