'Continue Search' after a 'groups' selection draws a blank...

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When, from the initial page, a group has been selected, and that group has more than, say, 20 hits, or whatever variable you have set it to, when you click on 'Continue Search' at then end of the page, the next page draws a blank - ie no more hits (despite the fact there are loads more in the database.)

Also, is there a way, when you fo a search, and the system can't find any matches, that the script returns something like 'No records found' or something like that.

Apart from that, I like this script a lot, and congratulations.

-- Clive France (ligclive@easynet.co.uk), January 28, 1998


The answer to your question... when you set up groups you have two fields ('what it will look like in database','how it appears in the html pages').

The first field CANNOT have spaces in it. If you pull out the spaces or replace them with '_' everything will work out fine. Remember that you also have to fix your database otherwise it won't work...

Any questions let me know..

-- Rich (webmaster@sex-e-sex.com), March 25, 1998.

actually that only happends in Netscape. It works fine in IE because IE changes the spaces to %20

-- saumil shah (sam26880@hotmail.com), September 13, 1999.

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