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Alright I have yet another question. How many books have come out that have something to do with the movie and what are they? I've seen at least one book that is like a photo book or something but what different ones are available? Cheers!

-- Rachel Bergman (Kbergman@bitterroot.net), January 27, 1998


There's a book called "James Cameron's Titanic". It has pictures and info. about how the film was made. I ordered it from amazon books. It is currently out of print but they said it would be shipped in 3-5 weeks. I looked in many bookstores but they were all sold out. If you're gonna get it, better order it soon. Good Luck!

-- Colleen (Colleendi@earthlink.net), January 27, 1998.

i know of no other books about the movie other than the one just mentioned. I do however know of a place you can buy the book on the web still. It is at the DiCaprio Store (http://www.cricketmedia.com/store) and it also has many other great titanic merchandise. Even if you already have the book, i highly suggest you check out the other great titanic memorabilia.

-- Kate (r_dawson23@hotmail.com), January 28, 1998.

For those of you who are interested in accurate, detailed information on how the special effects in the movie "Titanic" were done, I suggest you look into ordering a copy of our magazine -- "Cinefex." We are a quarterly publication devoted entirely to movie special effects and have been in existence for seventeen years, providing in-depth, authoratative articles and behind-the-scenes color photography on the technolgoies and techniques behind many of our most popular movies. Our December issue is devoted entirely to "Titanic" (60,000 words, more than 100 color photographs), including interviews with Cameron, effects supervisor Rob Legato and many more key figures who worked on the film. This particular issue is hard to come by in book stores because it has been so popular and most have sold out. I heard that one was even auctioned off for $100 on the Internet. However, we have extra copies of the Titanic issue available directly from our circulation department as back issues, for $12.50 apiece. Call us at 1-800-434-3339 (Pacific Standard Time) to order by credit card, or write to us at P.O. Box 20027, Riverside, California 92516. All mail orders must be pre-paid. We do not have a website as yet, but a web page on our magazine with opportunity to order by e-mail can be found in Ingram Periodical's Magazine Cybercenter at http://www.magamall.com/magazine/81180/cinefex.htm


Please pass the word. Thanks!

-- Estelle Shay (Estelle@cinefex.com), February 03, 1998.

As far as books on the film, I can't answer that. As far as books on the actual event, there are many that are well worth reading. At the top of the list are two by Walter Lord: "A Night To Remember" and "The Night Lives On". One other one I would highly recommend is "Titanic: End of a Dream" by Wynn Craig Wade. This one deals with the disaster itself but much of it relates the efforts of Senator William Alden Smith at the U.S. Senate inquiry in to the sinking and his relentless efforts to get to the truth of who, ultimately, was responsible for this horrible event. (Titanic was owned by IMM, an American company). Smith was an interesting character and was ruthless in his investigation. I think I have posted this before but it is well worth mentioning again. The movie is great, but you will appreciate it more if you do the research behind the event itself. I promise you will not regret spending the time reading any these books and the countless others that exist.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), February 03, 1998.

According to the New York Times book lists, "James Cameron's Titanic" is the number one non-fiction paperback this week. No surprise, really. What really jolted me was that number nine on the same list is Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember". How many other forty year old history books find themselves on the bestseller list? I hope this induces Lord's publisher to re-release the sequel book "The Night Lives On".

-- Thomas Shoebotham (cathytom@ix.netcom.com), February 09, 1998.

Tom Shoebottom wrote:

"How many other forty year old history books find themselves on the bestseller list? I hope this induces Lord's publisher to re-release the sequel book "The Night Lives On"."

Let all the congretation say 'AMEN!'


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), February 10, 1998.

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