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I am looking for builders diagrams for the "Nancy Hanks II " and the Man O'War". Need them for HO scale passenger car project to build these trains. I already have the SRHA book , but they only show one side. If you know where I might find these, please let me know.

I am also looking for any memorabilia...lanterns, locks, keys, china, silver, paper, etc. from the C of GA, and related lines...please keep me in mind if you run across anything.

-- Robert Yancey (XXCROSSING@aol.com), January 27, 1998


All the diagrams that I've seen show only one side. But the floor plan shows window placement for both sides. On the Fort Oglethorpe and Fort McPherson plans, the seats are shown facing the vestibule. In the later years, most (not all) of the time, these cars were run with the vestibule to the rear and the seats turned to face the other end of the car. This was for the convenience of the flagman in getting the switches at Second Avenue, Raymond, and Newnan.

-- David Payne (DavidCofGa@aol.com), February 15, 1998.

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