Railroad Depot Restoration

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I have purchased and am restoring an old railroad depot that is located in Inman, GA. The depot was along the Southern Railway Express line that ran between Fort Valley and Atlanta.

As best I can determine, the depot was constructed around 1900. Since it was abandoned in in 1939 it was used for agricultural storage and was painted / repainted several times. I would like to determine the original exterior color. or a t least a list of colors that were typical of stations during that time. Do you have any information or resources to suggest that I consult?

-- Rob Minter (j.rob.minter@scsnet.com), January 27, 1998


My wife and I moved an old CofGa depot in 1980. In restoration the older colors we found were rather unusual. Basic color of walls was a rather bright yellow that has a little orange tint. There was an oxide red(similar to Rustoleum's red oxide primer) band painted on the lower part of the wall kind of like wainscoating. Trim around windows and doors seemed to be a medium dark green. Tin shingles were painted red. My wife said we could paint it a pale yellow but not like it once was!

-- Rick Perry (railsend@mindspring.com), May 29, 1998.

You might try a trick that the old home restorers use. Put a circle of paint remover on a wall. Let it sit a little while but not quite as long as the instructions say. Then wipe it off with a cloth etc. Then do it again in a little smaller circle, repeat again, and again etc. 'til you get to the bare wood. The last color you find is the first color that was used.

-- Lamar (lamar.meadows@sea.siemens.com), February 03, 1998.

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