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A year or so ago an article appeared in Model Railroading magazine that identified the a color mix for the blue used on diesels of CG. Is this a correct mix?

Also, What would be a proper color mix for the blue used on the NH passenger equip.

-- Mark McAllister (, January 27, 1998


Here's another vote for Floquil light blue. Don't let the word "light" scare you--it's actually a medium. To me, it just has the right "feel" for the Central paint scheme. Although the blue often looks darker in prototype photos, you have to keep "color scale" in mind. When you're running your models, you're probably visually at least several hundred yards away, and this shade of Floquil compensates for it. I've painted dozens and dozens of Central engines over the years and no one's arrested me yet for using "light" blue.

-- Rob Richardson (, June 11, 1999.

First, to set the record straight, Ithink that I was the one who used the Grand Trunk blue on the CG SD7 in MRG--I don't remember Jim doing any CG locos and I wouldn't use it again, its too light. I was matching another loco for a friend when I used that paint. As Mark Sharp pointed out in his article, the CG chose the blue and grey based on the fact that the president at the time liked the B&O paint scheme and told EMD "do it like theirs". Consequently, Mark and I now use Model Flex B&O Royal Blue.

-- Larry Puckett (, March 02, 1998.

Hello --

Not an answer, just an observation/question.

From some of the old color photos I have seen, the current Atlas colors seem to be pretty close (e.g., the gray being a medium gray and the blue having a "slate" cast to it). Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks for the visit.

Marc Burcham

-- Marc Burcham (, February 07, 1998.

Mark, I have used Floquil light blue (along with the SP lettering grey). This is the color recommended by the guys at Riverdale station in Atlanta, who as far as I'm concerned are the authories on GC. In an article in model railroading about 3 years ago, Jim Six used Poly S Grand Trunk blue. I tried it, and it passed alright. I'm not a rivet counter, but as long as you get the shade close, weathering is going to cover up any differences anyway. Good modeling

-- Bill Lowe (, January 31, 1998.

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