Who's Hand is it?

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My brother and I have seen this magnificent movie many times, but we can't agree on one technical aspect. Who puts their hand up on the back window of the car, when they are making love? It looks like Jack/Leo's hand, but as it slides down it appears more feminine, as if it is Rose/Kate's hand. Did we miss the obvious? But we still don't agree.

-- Kirsten Powell (kpowell@syptec.com), January 27, 1998


I'm almost positive it's Jack's hand. Not to get too graphic, but he was on top, and I believe he puts his hand on the window to brace himself in the "climatic" moment.

-- Jen Alexander (jmalexande@mofo.com), January 27, 1998.

Well..Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I never heard such filth! (just kidding, I actually laughed while reading Jen's answer, which makes sense..as if I cared)

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregori@pacbell.net), January 27, 1998.

I am pretty sure it is a right hand that hit the window. That would suggest the hand was Rose's instead of Jack's.

-- Linda (Ashokan4@Yahoo.com), January 27, 1998.

It's probably the Hand of God, pissed off that people are making money off the death of 1500 plus people...(only kidding, loved the movies, have the books, collect the artifacts....)

-- Bonney Prince (hauptman@sover.net), January 27, 1998.

I also thought it looked like Jack's hand but I think the script says it is Rose's hand. Many of my friends also thought it was Rose's hand, so I wasn't sure.

-- Ashley (beaner05@ix.netcom.com), January 27, 1998.

It's Rose's hand in the script.

-- Colleen (Colleendi@earthlink.net), January 27, 1998.

It can only be Rose's hand. Not to get too graphic, but if you think about it, Jack was on top, he couldn't have put his hand on the window, because the arm was straight, not bent at a funny angle if it were Jack's hand. The arm is straight, coming from "below" shall we say, therefore it has to be Rose's hand.

-- Caron (bianchi@iserv.net), January 28, 1998.

It is Rose's hand because it is the right hand. The hand does seem Feminine, and i agree with what those other people said about the angle of Jack, because he is on top. Oh, and my friends think it is Rose's hand.

-- Diane Segawa (d.segawa@mailexcite.com), January 29, 1998.

Definitely, Rose's hand. Remember, Jack is also in love with hands. It wouldn't make sense to show his hand in this scene.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@ccs.carleton.ca), January 30, 1998.

It is definitely Rose's hand. I also read that in the script....

-- Melissa (juliet3383@aol.com), January 30, 1998.

I saw Titanic again last night, and I watched specifically for the hand. I think it was Jack's. I don't think Rose could have reached that high on the glass. I agree with Jen, and the "climatic moment" theory. Also, Jack's hands weren't very large (for a guy), so I think it would be easy to mistake it for Rose's hand.

-- Rose (rosemarie17@hotmail.com), February 01, 1998.

Rose, I have to disagree with you...I also saw the movie again yesterday, and made a point out of looking at the hand. It is definitely a right hand. Jack and Rose were lying in the car with their heads pointing toward the driver's side of the car (American made cars!). In order for it to be Jack's right hand, he would have had to reach across his and Rose's body to hit the window, since his right arm would have been facing the front of the car. Rose's right arm would have been facing the back of the car...that's why I'm pretty sure it would have had to be Rose's hand unless Jack had VERY long arms, and a strange desire to reach across himself to put a handprint on the glass!

-- Laura (lrc@usit.net), February 01, 1998.

I'm sorry, but if I was in Leo's "position" I would not be putting my hands on a window. Ha, ha.

-- Jeff (JTrayner@pacbell.net), February 06, 1998.

The hand that hits the window has to be Rose's hand because it's a right hand. Jack's right hand was hear the front of the car not the back. I also agree with the hands theme - it would make more sense for it to be Rose's hand.

-- Donna Sadoway (donakyle@oanet.com), February 07, 1998.

Ha ha! This is one of the funniest discussions I've witnessed. It should be published in hard copy somewhere. Cameron DEFINITELY NEEDS TO SEE IT. I think I'll mail it to him. In all honesty, I have just glimsed over most replies since whose hand it is is pretty unimportant. I can only hope you all realize this too.

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregori@pacbell.net), February 08, 1998.

Just for the record, I am not condemning this analysis, just laughing at it. I assumed the discussion wasn't very serious. I didn't mean to insult anyone!

-- Bob (rgregori@pacbell.net), February 09, 1998.

Cameron, in his almost godlike wisdom, intended for this to be vague. The hand represents the immortal human spirit, the longing for true love, the beginning of life, the end of the universe.... In short I agree with Bob's comments just above.

-- Dan Dalton (DDa2309070@aol.com), February 19, 1998.

And the nominees for funniest TitanicShack discussions are: "Was Rose a virgin?", "Whose hand is it?".....

-- Oscar (oscar@hollywood.com), August 25, 1998.

Indeed, it was Rose's hand. We're all adults, so I'll say this. She had probably had an orgasm (first time?) and slapped her hand against the window.

-- Rose DeWitt Bukater (chelseyweaver33@hotmail.com), June 14, 2004.

Definetly Rose's hand. 1) it was the right hand and Jacks LEFT hand was facing the window 2) Plus jack was on top.

-- lane (ScoobyGRL4568@aol.com), October 10, 2004.

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