would like to use program for tr-707

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is it possible to use this program to process data from other tr x0x machines, i would be interested in helping , and im sure many would use it .justa suggestion

-- matt espie (espie @ tpgi.com.au), January 26, 1998


Re: would like to use program for tr-707

Matt: Thanks for your note. A couple of obstacles/thoughts though:

1) I didn't know that the 707 had tape in/out - does it?

2) I would have to work out the tape I/O data scheme for the 707 which would be hard because...

3) I don't have a 707

If you're willing to do the reverse engineering and supply me with the info I need to re: the tape format, I would be happy to adapt it to the 707....

Thanks, Dan

-- Dan Nigrin (dnigrin@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu), January 26, 1998.


I too would be very interested in making a TR-707 HACK, I have one hooked up to my 202, I can help if you tell me what you need.

-- Daniel Ohlsson (bladrun26@geocities.com), January 28, 1998.

Re: TR-707 Hack

Dan: I need more info about what kind of features you want on the 707. I'm not that familiar with it, but I just read some on-line specs about it. It looks like it's already got MIDI I/O; does it also have a tape interface? What does the tape interface do, save songs? If so, is there no way that you can dump songs out via MIDI to an archive program?

Thanks, let me know!


-- Dan Nigrin (dnigrin@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu), January 29, 1998.

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