What was the first scene filmed?

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My friend said that the nude sketch scene was the first one filmed between the two actors, in order to capture the innocence of the shot. I have also heard that DiCaprio was not supposed to say "bed" and correct it to "couch" but instead this was a genuine mistake left in by Cameron (I do not see the line in the screenplay).

Is any of this true?


-- Rob (phonon@hotmail.com), January 25, 1998


From everything that I've read and seen, what you ask is true.

The first footage shot was the "deep dive" expedition to the actual wreck of Titanic, from August to September 1995.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (tom@nucleus.com), January 25, 1998.

It's true. They did this to "break the ice." I think It was a very good idea. I haven't thought about the mistake. Maybe it was genuine or they decided to change things at the last moment.

-- Colleen (colleendi@earhtlink.net), January 25, 1998.

Whether Cameron planned it or not (I suspect he did), being the first scene and a nude one at that there just the right amount of nervousness from both actors to give the scene the desired mood/emotion. The mistake in Leo saying "bed" rather than "couch" did happen, but Cameron used that take anyways to convey that feeling.

-- Dave (dcook@idirect.com), January 25, 1998.

Although the first scene filmed overall was not the nude scene, it was the first scence filmed between Kate and Leo.

-- Ashley (beaner05@ix.netcom.com), January 26, 1998.

James Cameron said on The Tonight Show (sometime before New Years) that the drawing scene was the first one shot between Rose and Jack, and the slip was unintentional, but they kept it in anyways.

-- Emily (etwong@ucdavis.edu), January 28, 1998.

Yes, the nude scene was the first scene between kate and Leo that got filmed. In movies many of the most important scenes are shot first and i think we all agree this was one of the most important scenes in this film. Kate actually flashed Leo before they did the scene to break the ice between them. I read that from the James Cameron Titanic book just in case anyone is wondering.

-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), January 28, 1998.

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