2nd Version of Soundtrack?

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Has anyone heard anything further on the making of a 2nd version of the Titanic soundtrack? I really hope they come out with one. The Irish music was AWESOME and so was the music played at the end by the band.

Titanic: #1 forever

-- Steve Parkin (steveparkin@hotmail.com), January 25, 1998


There is speculation that an 2nd version is coming out possibly in February. I hope this is true and I'm crossing my fingers tightly that the new version will include the steerage party music and the string quartet's version of "Nearer My God to Thee". Given the number of postings on this board and others, the popularity of Titanic's music is one of the best and most suprising side effects about this movie. It is great how it has opened a new world of appreciation of music for my generation that has been so fixated on rap, alternative and pop music. I don't mean that as a knock against those forms of music, because I like them too, but there is a whole other world of music out there that my generation hasn't gotten to hear enough of and to see a portion of it getting attention is fabulous. Wouldn't you agree?

-- Stacey (smathews@gte.net), January 25, 1998.

heard there will be a 2nd version but will be release simultaneously with the video. and that could be late next year, perhaps.

-- M.M. (masima@earthlink.net), January 25, 1998.

This from Movietunes.com:

"Toons, Is it true that there's going to be another Titanic soundtrack released with more music from the movie? Any announcements when it'll be released and what it will contain? Thanks for your help! Trav."

Trav, what you've heard is very true! Today (January 14th), the Titanic soundtrack hit number one on the Billboard Top 100. What's coming in the wake of such a success?? "Volume 2" will feature the Irish music by Gaelic Storm (as heard on the lower class decks), I Salonisti's string quartet music (as heard on the upper class decks), more orchestral score and music not heard in the film. James Horner is mixing a special suite of music for this release as well.

If this news isn't enough, Sony Classical is preparing the track 'Southampton' (from the current soundtrack) as a single for radio play all over the country.

As for the release date for "Volume 2," Sony is planning to simultaneously deliver the soundtrack when the film comes out on home video. This is indeed great news for Titanic fans!

Your favorite Doc, Dr. Tunes

-- Chris Kilroy (ChrisK757@aol.com), January 26, 1998.

According to Canada's CANOE webpage (http://www.canoe.com/Jam/Feb11_soundscan.html), "The "Titanic" soundtrack, meanwhile, keeps rolling along, selling another 60,600 copies last week across the country. No wonder Sony Classical plans to release a sequel to the album, containing more music from James Cameron's blockbuster film, this summer. "

-- Karen (gemin555@aol.com), February 12, 1998.

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