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Lately I've been putting most of my discretionary funds (and plastic funds) into a Pentax 67 system. While I have the 135mm macro, it's magnification is a disappointing 1:3.5 or thereabouts. Does anyone have any tips on using the extension tube set? Could I use the short tube with the 45mm lens and what effect would it achieve?

-- Benson Wills (, January 24, 1998


I used to own a P67 with 105/2.4 and tubes. You'll probably want to get the TTL finder for this purpose. IMO, dealing with a handheld meter and tubes/bellows just isn't worth the effort. I never used the 135, but it's probably designed for use with the tubes and will work well with them. MF macro lenses usually don't get that close without tubes for the sole reason that the lens would be huge if it had that much extension built in.

As for the 45 and short tube, I've seen people use a short tube on a small format wideangle and it's a nice effect. The shots I saw were of a sunflower and it worked well. Just remember that it's still a wideangle so you will have to deal with the background and you won't have much working distance.

-- Paul Wilson (, January 28, 1998.

We have recently started a brief in college, of alternative studio practice & i have shot a few rolls using the macro tube. We have been using it with a light box / rostrem type thing & the easiest way to focus i have found is to move the camera up & down rather than using the lens focus. I hope this helps.....

-- wendy williams (, October 14, 2002.

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