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Does anyone know if they are planning to release a directors cut for Titanic and if so when? -Rachel

-- Rachel Bergman (, January 24, 1998


There has been some talk on various Titanic websites that a director's cut is in the works, but it **may** only be released on laser videodisk or DVD :-(

See the thread "on video/dvd" elsewhere on this board.


-- Kip Henry (, January 24, 1998.

I hope they release a director's cut!!! According to all I've heard (and read in the script) there are many scenes left out of the movie because of time. Supposedly the movie was over 4 hours long before it was edited. I sincerly hope that a director's cut comes out on video, because I will definately have to get it!!!!!!!!

-- CarrieB (, January 31, 1998.

Based on past films, the director's cut probably won't come out until July--or even as late as November. Incidentally, Friday, February 13, Fox will televise a special on the making of the movie. There will be scenes and bits cut from the released version. It's on 9:00 pm ET.

-- Walt Dervin (, February 10, 1998.

Titanic may just be the "killer app" that DVD needs to get off the ground. If they release the director's cut, there's no telling how many it would sell. =)

-- Dave Phillips (, February 11, 1998.

Cameron announced it last night (per Variety) after the Oscar telecast: there ***will*** be a Director's Cut. He said it will contain 15-20 minutes of additional footage, and (unhappily for me) be released on laser disc and/or DVD. No details on the footage to be added, release date, or price.


-- Kip Henry (, March 24, 1998.

Is there a director's cut already?

-- FFF (, July 06, 2004.

yeh i want to know too!! 6 years have passed and i dont see a shit!!

-- gfgf (, July 15, 2004.

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