Who likes the San Francisco Bay Guardian?

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...when will [Guardian Publisher] Bruce Brugmann realize he is an anachronism of the '60s and fewer and fewer people -- young people like me, the next generation of San Franciscans -- care about his candidates or his ridiculous soapbox rants. - --11/05/97, Michael Wykoff

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), January 22, 1998


For some time Dog Bites has wondered whether the tactful thing to do wasn’t simply to ignore the squabble between the Bay Guardian and the Institute for Alternative Journalism. But as both parties continue to cc us their latest salvos, our resolve has weakened.

Meanwhile, back at the Guardian -- where a disgruntled former staff member reports that Brugmann regularly gets a bee in his bonnet and storms around the office demanding of bewildered staffers, “Where’s the bottleneck? Where’s the bottleneck?” -- Editor Tim Redmond decided to e-mail everyone who might be faintly interested, and even those who aren’t, explaining his position: --Dog Bites, 01-14-98

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), January 23, 1998.

Ah, The Bay Area Guilty Kneejerk Liberal, also known as the "alternative" Bay Guardian.The Paper's whole attitude is stuck in the 60s. They have their sacred cows.God forbid to suggest that the homeless have some responsiblity for their own plight. You think the new rise in Gay Aids cases might have some ties with the comeback of bathhouses and recreational sex ? Don't you think hate crimes should include white jews who are targeted for killing as a condition of black gangsta membership? Don't you think it's one-sided and simplistic to blame straight white males for all everything? Why does the Guardian lump "minorities" together when there are major gulfs between Gays, Latin Americans and Blacks. Isn't it time to stop feeling guilty for being white? Your paper offers no real alternative at all,just warmed-over radicalism. Your target group cries over the "oppressed masses" over their chablis and foccacia, while they treat the working class as third-class citizens. The Guardian is a waste of good trees.

-- Steve (foo@bar.com), July 17, 1998.

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