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Ok, here's something I've been pondering. How did Rose feel about the man she eventually married, Calvert? She must have loved him, because Rose left the Titanic a much different, stronger woman, who would never marry someone she didn't love. Do you think she just loved him in a different way than she loved Jack? Dearly, but less passionately? Since Jack is the one she is reunited with in Heaven at the end of the movie, we know that he was the one true love of her life, (we knew that anyway.) So, I guess her husband, who was also in Heaven by this time, was just out of luck? Does the fact that she never shared the story of her and Jack with her husband bear any significance on their relationship -- maybe it's lack of depth?

-- Jen Alexander (, January 22, 1998


I've thought about that too. If I was Rose, I wouldn't have married again. But then, she did promise him that she'll have kids. I think the love between Rose and Jack was more "spritual". Jack was like a spirit. There were no records on him. Maybe that's why Rose didn't tell her husband. Jack is someone in another dimension. I'd like to think that they reunited in Heaven. I guess the dead husband would understand!

-- Colleen (, January 22, 1998.

I think that she loved her husband in a diiferent way than she loved Jack. She didn't love him as strongly and must have felt differently towards him.

-- Ashley (, January 22, 1998.

I think there is significance to her husband's name, Mr. Calvert, being similar to her fiance's name, Calvin. That's not to say that the former was just as detestable as the latter, but simply that Mr. Calvert was no where near as dear to Rose's heart as Jack was. Who says heaven is all about spending time with one person only, anyway? I'm not referring to something kinky, just that up there it may be one big happy family.

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 22, 1998.

I believe Billy Zane's character was named "Caledon" Hockley not Calvin(It's an unusual name and I've wondered where Cameron came up with it).

-- Dave (, January 25, 1998.

Perhaps Rose's husband, Calvert also had a spiritual being that he was meant to spend eternity with. That could be what drew them together on earth.

-- Misty (, January 25, 1998.

What a beautiful thought Misty! I never thought of it that way. I often wondered about the man that Rose evetually married. Obviously, she loved him enough to marry and have children with, but I still think that Jack was the "love of her life", and with him gone, she still had to find some happiness (especially since she did promise Jack to "never let go") Her duty was to live a full and rich life for *both* of them, it somehow kept his memory alive. And his death wasn't for nothing.

-- Caron (, January 25, 1998.

Well we never really hear much about her husband- in fact, we never even learn his first name, but I belive that Rose and he loved eachother very much (why would the new, stronger Rose ever want a loveless marrige after her loveless engagement?), but it wasn't the soulmate, once in a lifetime love that she and Jack shared. I DO, however feel a bit sorry for the husband, knowing that he's not with his wife of probably many years in heaven, but, who knows, maybe Rose was a second love for him as well. Perhaps he already had his true love and lost her, too.

-- Bethany (, February 08, 2002.

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