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With this film doing such great box office, I've begun to wonder how the Hollywood money-meisters will try to cash in on it. Obviously, there won't be a Titanic II, but they will probably try following-up Roses life after 1912. I can see two scenarios here:

1. Rose leaves the Titanic penniless, goes to Hollywood to try to make it as an actress. Someone discovers that she has the Heart of the Ocean, and pursues her (probably through several exotic locals). She is rescued by a young man with whom she falls in love, marries, and moves to Iowa (or wherever it is). 2. Rose leaves the Titanic pregnant from her encounter with Jack. The film follows her attempt at stardom in Hollywood while trying to cope with having this child. She meets a man who falls in love with her, and she eventually reciprocates. This scenario is more melodramatic, while #1 would be more action-adventure. Does anyone else have any ideas along these lines? On a personal note, I hope they will just leave the story alone. Most sequels truly awful, and very disappointing.

-- Bobby (, January 22, 1998


I can't possibly imagine a sequel. I don't think James Cameron would do it. I think eveyone would agree the story has already been told. As much as I love the character of Rose, and am interested in what happened to her in the years between, I would not want to see her in a sequel because I couldn't bear to see her fall in love with another man!

-- Jen Alexander (, January 22, 1998.

I have to agree with Jen. Let's not even talk about sequels; some Hollywood idiot could probably find the financing for it and it would bomb as many sequels do. However, I think there will be market demand for a director's cut of this film on video though. What is the director's cut though? I'm thinking of a version 4-6 hours long that fleshes out the minor characters, esp Kathy Bates, assuming there is already that much footage.

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 22, 1998.

I can just imagine.

(Drumroll) 20th Century Fox and Paramount proudly present..."TITANIC 2: ROSE ON THE BRITANNIC"!!!! Rose, as befits her new, adventurous life, is serving in WWI on the Titanic's sister ship the Britannic. (How she, an American citizen, is in the British navy we won't ask.) She heroically survies the sinking of the Britannic and meets a person who gets her into the movie business.

The sets already exist, so it wouldn't cost very much. Just run everyone back down to Mexico, give everyone a can of white paint to repaint the 90% model, sink the thing again, and presto!

But seriously, I hope this doesn't happen, nor do I think Cameron has any intention of letting it. He said on the Golden Globes, "this film has no sequel potential." I think we can live safely knowing that the rest of Rose's story will only be in each of our imaginations.

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, January 22, 1998.

My worst nightmare concerning this subject is that some money hungry moron would try to do a sequel and it would come out something like "Raise The Titanic" which has to rate as one of the worst films of all time. The book was better. When Bob Ballard located the remains of the ship I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I had followed this ship and its ultimate fate since I was 10 years old. People had searched for it , concocted foolish plans to raise it when they did find it and all the rest. When the remarkable discovery was finally made by someone who actually knew what he was doing and did it in about as a professional and compassionate manner as possible, I felt that the ultimate had been accomplished concerning Titanic and that nothing was disturbed: Let her rest. Closure. That did not happen and now the site is being strip mined for profit and that is inexcusable. This is a piece of history and the story should, and I believe will, always be passed down from generation to generation along with the lessons it taught. Mr Cameron has made an epic film that as far as I can see is about as accurate as possible right down to which propellers could turn in which direction and at what time. He did it right and it can NOT be done any better than that so DO NOT TRY! I will get off my soap box now! Thanks for Listening.

-- Peter Nivling (, January 22, 1998.

Okay, first off If some idiot even tries to make a sequel to this film I think that every fan of this movie should go raid the set of the new movie and tear it to shreds. Now, I don't see how they could do another movie. Most people seem to agree that in the end Rose died so she's no longer around to tell us how things were for her after the Titanic sank. Her heart should alway remain a deep ocean of secrets to us all:)

-- Mirnada Swearingen (, January 23, 1998.

"Titanic" has been compared in many ways to "Gone With The Wind" (my all-time favorite book and movie). I won't bore you with any of those comparisons in this forum, but suffice it to say that if "we" didn't learn our lesson about creating a sequel to a great story when "Scarlett" was published and then turned into a miniseries, then I implore anyone thinking of such a thing to go back and review the "Scarlett" debacle.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, January 25, 1998.

This would have to be quality or it won't work. I think a sequel or prequel would be in order and obviously be regarding Rose's life. If Godfather II was possible, it seems that something could be done along these lines. It would be best only to have a passing reference to "Titanic" and could be a character study of Rose in the intervening years. If done properly, it could be very successful.

-- Richard Wendt (, February 04, 1998.

I think that a sequal would be kinda dumb!!! I mean after 1500+ people died what is the point of making a sequal???

-- Danielle (, February 06, 1998.

I think that the idea would be good but i don't think Kate winslet would want to be in it after what she said after titanic 1

-- Tom Foster (, April 18, 1999.

Sorry to be cliched, but "don't mess with a good thing." I don't think a sequel to Titanic would be a smart move--it could never have the power that TITANIC had. And as so many people have said already, I would hate to see Jack "replaced."

-- Nonnie Parker (, April 20, 1999.

Actually, I got the inside scoop (rumor or not, not sure) on plans to make a Titanic 2. The screenplay is rumored to be in the works and sets are already being sketched. Im my opinion, this plot is silly and doesn't make sense, but I'll try to make the most of it. I don't have a lot of time here, but I'll try to sum it up: the movie begins with what we didn't see in the first movie - Rose actually getting pulled up into the lifeboat and losing consciencness, unable to catch a glimpse of Jack one last time. Then, as the other survivors wrap her in blankets, Jack comes back up into the water, barely alive and scarcely breathing, by pure luck floating to the surface. When the lifeboat carrying Rose circles around one more time to check for any more survivors, they find Jack, unconciousness and severely suffering from hypothermia, and hoist him into the boat WITH Rose. Both do not know they're in the same boat, though. When they reach the Carpathia, Rose boards, and Jack is carried on because he has fallen into a coma where he remains until they reach New York, where he is taken to a hospital. Rose leaves to New York, alone and not to be seen, left to live with the "loss" of Jack. Since Jack boarded listed under "Olaf's" name, doctors were unable to know who he was. When Jack awoke, he had no recollection of his journey on the Titanic or of Rose. All he knows is that he is poor, alone, and left to manage on his own. Gaining back memory little by little, he is drafted in World War 1 where he is to become a soldier. Coincidentally, Rose is serving as a nurse in the same field. In the middle of a deathly battle, Jack sees Rose and runs toward her, narrowly missing bullets. It is said to be the most romantic and heartbreaking reunion ever. Just as they reunite, Rose is hit by a bullet and falls, where Jack makes her promise she won't let go. By this time, Jack's troop drags him to his feet, forcing him to move on, insisting she's gone. Jack, believing this, leaves, and just as he stands, he's hit by a bullet and falls to the ground, alongside Rose. This is where the movie mysteriously cuts back to Titanic, when Rose is saying "Jack..Jack there's a boat. There's a boat, Jack." And she lets him go. The audience is stunned as the end unfolds, and we realize that this whole sequel was actually a dream sequence, dreampt by Jack as he slipped into unconciousness. We then see some of the lost scenes of the original movie that explain the sequel. Pretty far-fetched, huh? Even still, any thoughts? If Hollywood execs did go through with a sequel, Kate Winslet would not be used. (!) According to this rumor, she is 'overweight' and unsuited for the role as Rose. Instead, Gweneth Paltrow, Minnie Driver, and Claire Danes would be the first choice. Please remember, this is only a rumor! Personally, I believe the movie would bomb, with Kate gone. In my opinion, Kate made Rose's character and I cannot imagine anyone else as the lead! Any thoughts?

-- Kelly (, April 20, 1999.

that would totally suck!!

-- cgk (, April 26, 1999.

You have GOT to be kidding me!

-- Peter Nivling (, April 26, 1999.

A sequal to Titanic?That would totally stink!!!I doubt there will be one since it's been rumered for over three years.I loved the first one,but what would they do the sequal on?I would however like to c a movie about Rose's life after she was rescued,but not a whole new sequal!!!!

-- Carrie (, July 30, 2001.

Oh yes my friends. There could be another sequel. But more BLOODY realistically - what would it be about? The raising of it. What? Rose turns 194 and campaigns against it being raised. Or better still. Her head is cryogenically frozen, and then they revive her head connected to sum bio-mechanical machine and she begins saying "84 years ago, my heart sank, as my ship of dreams became a ship of nightmares. All my precious memories, and all those people I lost were moved when they brought it back up." And in the end it sinks again. Why? Maybe because it was too heavy for the submarine to give a piggy-back all the way to New York, where it originally was ment to arrive. Oh, and that old 70's film where they did do that - bloody barbaric or what.

Adios and goodbye.

-- Rowan M. Ashe (, October 02, 2003.

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