where is walter lord?

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Does anyone know if Walter Lord, the granddaddy of Titanic scholarship, has seen the new movie? If so, does anyone know what his reaction was? I have heard that he is in poor health and semi-retired. Is this true?

-- thomas shoebotham (cathytom@ix.netcom.com), January 20, 1998


Well, I just had a strange thought (which is not unusual for me). Is Walter Lord any distant relation to Capt. Stanley Lord of the "Californian"? I certainly hope not! At any rate, Mr. Lord is the time tested authority on the Titanic. Interesting question, hope you get an answer.

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), January 20, 1998.


I did a quick search on Yahoo and found a page of a Titanic website devoted to "The Man Who Remembered." It includes an interview with Mr. Lord, and the text is copywrited 1997, so it would seem to be relatively recent.

Briefly, Mr. Lord is semi-retired, and is suffering from Parkinson's disease.

The URL for the page is http://www2.wco.com/~wseright/walterlord/


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), January 21, 1998.

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