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Titanic won four Golden Globe awards!

Best Picture (drama) Best Director Best Original Score & Best Original Song

Unfortunatley, James Cameron got gyped and didn't win a Best Screenplay award. Leo, Kate, and Gloria Stuart weren't mentioned in an awarding fashion either. But four Golden Globes is awesome!!!!

-- Dave Phillips (, January 19, 1998


The award I was most sad Titanic didn't win was for Gloria Stuart. I thought she was much better than Kim Basinger. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the Oscar. I'd also like to see Victor Garber get a nomination.

-- Karen (, January 19, 1998.

Agreed. Victor Garber deserves a nomination for best supporting actor.

-- Kip Henry (, January 19, 1998.

I also think Victor Garber should be nominated for an Oscar. He did a great job.

-- Ashley (, January 19, 1998.

I agree that Victor Garber had an award deserving performance. I was also dissapointed that Gloria Stewart did not win but remember, this award is given by the foreign film press. The real test is Oscar Night. I was happy to see James Cameron "stop" the show to mention what so many people seem to forget: 1500 plus people died that April night and that one can not come away from seeing the wreck face to face without it having a profound effect. I feel this was the same effect that Rose (elderly) had on the crew of the salvage vessel and that Mr Camerons' intentions were just that when he wrote the part.

-- Peter Nivling (, January 19, 1998.

Three cheers for Titanic's four golden globe awards! Lets keep our fingers crossed that it will be as well received at the Academy Awards.

James Cameron was quoted in the morning paper as saying, "We should all give a big round of applause to the people who had the huevos to make this nutsy movie. What the hell were they thinking?" Perhaps Hollywood executives should have mental lapses more often. It is too rare that they produce such sweeping epics. I was also happy that Cameron stopped the music to make the closing remarks he made.

-- Jeff (, January 19, 1998.

G.Stuart should have won best supp actress. I haven't seen Mrs. Brown or Ulee's Gold, and thus can't comment on the awarding of best actress and actor to leads in those movies. Did notice these 2 winners were the oldest in their categories. I think neither had received a Globe or Oscar before. Stuart was the oldest in her category, hasn't received a Globe or Oscar, and her performance to me was more convincing than Basinger's. Garber was excellent, certainly more interesting than Burt Reynolds, but wasn't his role too small for an award? Taking into account dialogue, symbolism, and symmetry, wasn't Titanic's screenplay superior to Goodwill Hunting's? Perhaps the screenplay and supp actress awards were tokens (these were the only awards the films got).

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 25, 1998.

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