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I've been experimenting w/medium format with a YashicaMAT and an old 6x9 folding camera. Since my 35mm system is built around Pentax Spotmatics, the 67 is an obvious progression (a spotmatic on steroids). Here's the question; were can a i find a well used 6x7 setup in functioning condition? In 35mm, my three most used lenses are: 35mm f/2, 85mm f/1.8 & 100mm f/4(macro) in that order. What would near-equivalents be for the 67?

I'm on a tight budget--saving for a house.

Thanks for any help.... matt green

-- Matthew C. Green (, January 18, 1998


Response to Help:WTB: I think I want a cheap 6x7

KEH in Atlanta sometimes has some decent prices on bodies. I've bought almost all of my equipment from people that have advertised in, so that's another option, albeit more risky. Re lenses, I'd go with a 90mm SMC Pentax f2.8 for speed reasons (the 75mm matches your 35 more closely in focal length but is slower and uses big filters), the 135mm f4 macro, and finally the 200mm SMC Pentax f4. If you do landscapes at all, you might want to look at the well-regarded 55mm SMC Pentax f4 wide angle. SMC Pentax is the latest version. I've specified it on particular lenses because some research has lead me to think that they are better than their older counterparts. Good luck with whatever you decide.

-- Benson (, January 18, 1998.

Response to Help:WTB: I think I want a cheap 6x7

Check out the local camera shows if you live near a large city. Most of the dealers are from local camera shops and stand behind their equipment (get a receipt). The guy I bought mine from treats me like a long lost friend whenever I see him at one of the shows. I can gratefully rely on him for any questions I may have about the camera. I've also found alot of nice P6x7 accessories. The best thing is no shipping or sales tax (perhaps unless you live in Wisconsin, land of the ever-present state tax collectors), You should be able to get a nice MLU 6x7 with 105 lens and TTL prism for about $1250 give or take a few hundred dollars. If you get a TTL prism, make sure you get the shutter speed dial adapter ring too. Otherwise it is a pain in the butt to change shutter speeds with the TTL prism. It is $32 from Pentax new, as cheap as $3 used. Wooden grip should run about $50 used.

It's a nice portrait camera with the 165 LS lens. Just remember to use 1/8 sec or slower shutter speed setting on the body with a leaf shutter lenses.

just my 2 cents worth. hf

-- horst (, January 28, 1998.

I purchased my system from a camera show. The show was in Hillsboro, Oregon and there was a dealer from Las Vegas Nevada. I picked up an almost new (they said it was only used once or twice, and it looked new), still in original boxes, body, ttl prism, grip, eye cup and a used 90mm leaf-shutter lens for $1750. A far better price than I was able to find from any mail-order houses or off the internet. There were also dealers there with older bodies that felt worn out for a far better price. Be careful what you buy.

-- (, June 11, 1998.

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