Titanic vs. Oscar ... Knockout?

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I was talking to a friend about Titanic's chances at the Academy Awards this year. Both of us are slightly concerned for a couple of reasons. One, because of the treatment of Steven Spielberg by the Academy for so many years. All those great movies, not even a nomination for best director until Schindler's List. Second, as far as we know, since the very first award was given out there hasn't been a single movie which has done WELL at the box office and also won best picture. The Academy's track record is rather stained with favoritism and even outwrite racism. So I'd like to get your thoughts on this situation just to put my mind at ease.

Oh, and one other thing: As the film is sure to get James Cameron an Oscar for best director, it is comforting to point out that only three times in history has the best picture award not gone to the film that won best director.

-- Dave Phillips (Sonitus@USA.net), January 17, 1998



I think the film will have a good chance at picking up some technical awards, particularly set design and costuming. Special effects awards will be more competitive because of "Men in Black," but I think it will have a good shot there.

But you're right, a wildly successful film box office is usually Oscar poison for the "artistic" awards (best picture, director, actor/actress, screenplay, etc.), while money-losers or films with modest box office usually fare well in those categories (we proles just can't appreciate true "art").

That just might prove a dilemma this year, though, since Cameron's Titanic is still in the red DESPITE doing fantastic box office! :-)


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), January 17, 1998.

This is the one year where box-office sucess and the Academy will connect. As we all do know, the Academy loves the epic, especially one with the scope of "Titanic". Something to consider: the other front runner for best picture is "L.A. Confidential", which has surely withered away with its dismal box office receipts. Secondly, isn't this the first time a movie of this stature has gained both top reviews as well as box-office sucess? The Academy should open its eyes this year; this film is making the money it is because it is what they always choose to honor anyway. It is an epic of the highest degree that appeals to all, the pricetag and receipts are really secondary.

-- Chris Rick (rick@dickinson.edu), January 20, 1998.

I think Titanic has a good chance of winning. Braveheart was successful and still one for best picture.

-- Nicole Gardner (nigardne@zebu.cvm.msu.edu), January 21, 1998.

No need to worry. With four Golden Globes, Titanic will have a good chance at the Academy's and Oscar's

-- Colleen (Colleendi@earthlink.net), January 22, 1998.

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