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Hi. I was wondering if there's any place out there where I can get posters from the movie Titanic. I'm from Malaysia and well, it's a pretty difficult thing getting posters of any kind right here. Thanks ... :o)

-- Jamie (, January 16, 1998


Some girls were asking me about that at work today, and the only answer I could give them was that as far as I knew it was still too early to find posters anywhere but at theaters. The problem with that is they don't part with them very easily. But hopefully you'll be able to get one when the video comes out. If Paramount and Fox are smart, they need to market in a way to would make Disney proud. On second thought, maybe not quite that much. I don't think the world is ready for Leonardo DiCaprio action figures.

-- Dave Phillips (, January 17, 1998.

There is a place here on the net called Class Act Posters. They have a 1-800 number so you can call and order posters (even Titanic ones) or you can e-mail them and order that way. I'm not certain as to the exact address so you'll have to do a net search but I know thatis is there because I've ordered from them. Good luck:)

-- Miranda Swearingen (, January 19, 1998.

Hi there!!!!! I just bought two posters of TITANIC from photoworld. It's great!!!! They have two posters styles. One is the one that's in all of the movie theaters. The other is Leo and Kate as Jack and Rose in dancing position holding each other. I guess they had to choose from two posters which they would use to promote the movie. The TITANIC posters are their HOT sellers at this time. Check it out!!!!! Here's the web address:


-- j.p. (, January 23, 1998.

Hi again!!! I apologize to everyone!!! The web page to purchase those HOT TITANIC posters is at this web address: not I just came from there and TITANIC posters are very HOT sellers!!!


-- j.p. (, January 25, 1998.

Hi Jamie ! If you are still looking for TITANIC POSTER go check at . They have three different types with a very affordable price of only $5.99 !

-- rachel (, March 11, 1998.

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