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I am looking for the words and music to a song called "Malena je Dalmacija" It was performed by many groups prior to World War 2. It may have been written during the AUstro-Hungarian Occupation. The National Library in Zagreb (Music Section) does not have a copy of these words and notes.

-- Neven Smoje (, January 16, 1998


Hello, dobar dan. kako ste? super, I love Dalmacija music so much.pleace send my songs, and words and notes, from div. songs. and in summer helping we croatian kids. from, Ilaca, and Tovarnik. for three weeks holiday in my country. I love it..the dutch name is, prijatelji specijalno dijecja pomc. all the best for now.dear friends i wishe you. sretan bozic i nova godina.

-- clemens sta (, December 13, 1999.

Gledajte ovaj link:, tu ce te naciti mnogo tekstova od pjesma (Petar Graso, Oliver, Doris Dragovic, itd.)

-- Monika (, March 07, 2001.

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